Baltazar's law: the reactions that the debut of the new Mega fiction has left in the networks

This Tuesday Baltazar’s Law debuted, the new mega fiction that has Francisco Reyes and Amparo Noguera in the lead roles.

The premiere of Mega’s new gamble, Baltazar’s Law, came immediately after the final chapter of poor buddya production which stopped after 10 months of antenna.

The first chapter of the evening television series began with Mariano (Gabriel Cañas) telling his brothers Antonia (Daniela Ramírez) and Gabriel (Simón Pesutic) that Baltazar (Francisco Reyes), their father, suffered a heart attack and that they had to move to the

Arrived at Cochamó, the patriarch confronts them with the remoteness to which they have subjected him.

Amid the family chaos and reunion that mark the brothers, Mariano and Gabriel confess that they want to have their father close and that he must leave his place at the end of the world to settle in Santiago, which unleashes the wrath of Baltazar Ramirez. .

It should be noted that this first chapter was followed by the actors and the team in general of the fiction of CocomoLos Lagos area.

The first chapter of Balthazar’s Law It became a trend on social networks, where the first reactions and memes were quick to appear, which we will come back to below.

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