Camille Vasquez assures that a decision in favor of Depp does not affect #MeToo: Amber Heard responds

The lawyer was consulted about the criticism the decision received from groups against domestic violence. Heard accused her of throwing a “victory party”.

A week after the verdict that dictated a victory for Johnny Depp over his ex-wife Amber Heard, the interpreter’s lawyers, Ben Chew and Camille Vasquez, They ruled out that the outcome of the trial affects the victims of domestic violence and their credibility.

According to Variety magazine, the lawyers appeared on different television shows, where they were consulted about the criticisms the verdict received by various organizations dealing with issues of domestic violence and sexual assault.

These groups ensured that victory would be ‘potentially catastrophic’ for other victimsas “all victims will think twice before coming forward and asking for a restraining order or telling someone about any abuse they experience after that.”

“I think actually gives an answer that encourages any victim to file a complaint”then said Camille Vasquez, pointing out that “Domestic violence has no gender”.

Likewise, he assured that “we (the lawyers) we don’t think this will negatively impact the movement (#MeToo). We believe the verdict speaks for itself, the facts are what they were and the jury reached a unanimous decision based on those facts.”

Amber Heard’s response

After that, the magazine contacted a spokesperson for Heard, who He gave his position through a press release.

“It is as unseemly as it is unprofessional that Johnny Depp’s legal team chose to throw a victory party (speaking in various media outlets about the victory) to sets back decades the way women can be treated in court”provides writing.

It ends with a series of questions for professionals: “What happens next? A film and merchandising contract?

Depp sued Heard on three counts of defamation over excerpts from an article the actress published in the Washington Post where describes himself as a symbol of domestic violence.

Although his name does not appear in the brief, the jury in Virginia, USA, found in favor of Depp, considering Heard responsible for uttering false and defamatory statements with intent to harm. He also ruled in favor of the actress in one of his defamation charges against Depp.

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