Cecilia Bolocco went wild, cried and told the reasons for her anguish: "I'm devastated"

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In a new live Instagram, the cheerleader Cecile Boloco revealed intimate details about a painful moment she is going through which makes her very affected and even crying. Reason why in relief mode with his thousands of fans, he dared to talk about the subject and was honest about his personal and professional life.

“Today I started the day, you don’t know how. Should I tell you or not? Now I’m going to tell you, crying a little in anguish because of so many things I do”the former Miss Universe began to say, only to later provide more details about what is actually happening to her.

“I just finished doing an interview for CNN, and before that I had another interview, but for work, and in the morning I was at the factory until 4 p.m., I don’t stop,” he added.

In this sense, Diana Bolocco’s sister also said that: “I have to admit that before I left my day, I was very upset, because I said ‘My God, who sent me to hire me to do a television show’, as if I didn’t I had nothing to do. Yesterday I was with the wonderful team that I will do the program. And I was very moved”.

Cecilia Bolocco’s Instagram.

Among other details about the difficult moment and the episode of collapse, anxiety and anguish he is going through in the professional and personal spheres, Máximo’s mother admitted in front of her fans that she was struggling to deal with all the pending issues in her schedule and her family life as she wanted.

What broke me was that my father turned 90 this Saturday, so I decided to tell him the story of his life in a video. I had to collect the photos, scan them and spend the whole weekend writing the screenplay. I had already done the same thing when he turned 60. But a lot has happened in those 30 years.

On the other hand, Cecilia Bolocco went on to give even more details about her current life, and said: “Yesterday, Monday, during the meeting with the television crew, I started scanning with them, and they were going ride it for me on the chain. We’re never done.”

“Really, I said, ‘Cecilia, why are you stressing out so much and getting involved in so many things and without help? Thank God I already have an assistant. I found a person who is going to help me, because you know that I did everything on my own”, concluded Cecilia Bolocco, adding that “I spoke with Pepo in the morning and he told me ‘my love, you’re so good, don’t worry’, and I replied ‘it’s that I’m anxious because I don’t have enough hours’, as it was excruciating. But thank God it happened to me,” concluded Cecilia Bolocco.

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