Daniela Asenjo and world title won in Paris:

Chilean boxer Daniela Asenjo spoke to BioBioChile and shared her feelings after winning the International Boxing Organization world title in Paris, France.

The greatest achievement of -so far- his sporting life was achieved by the Chilean boxer Daniela Asenjo last Tuesday in Paris, France.

The boxer, originally from Valdivia, traveled to Europe to become the International Boxing Organization (IBO) world champion, after dethroning American Casey Morton.

The ‘Lioness’ roared louder than ever and ended in victory, on the cards, by unanimous decision, earning an important victory for the national sport.

A failed flight… and a lot of joy

This Wednesday, Asenjo’s joy is total. Not even having missed a flight in the “Old Continent” discourages a formidable consecration.

in conversation with BioBioChilethe boxer said: “I’m at the airport, we missed a flight, a little tired, last night we didn’t sleep at all, we passed by. But happy with the performance we had last night”.

“The truth is that the anxiety, the desire to want to look for the knockout to not leave the decision to the judges, maybe it overwhelmed me a bit and I got a little tired because of it, to throw all hands with a lot of power, to look for Casey at all times. But happy,” he added.

And it is that the “Lioness” has been looking for a planetary belt for some time. Indeed, in April, he fought for the WBA (World Boxing Association) and did not retain the victory due to a disputed draw decreed by the judges.

“I think the difference with the previous fight is that now I was going there to watch all the time, the fight strategy was always there, that the decision was not left to the judges,” he said. Explain.

Experience that served her and led her to be more aggressive this time: “I knew I had to make a lot of difference, look for the knockout, because it was a visit and she was the favorite, and I think the momentum and the urge to show that was noticeable and I think that was the turning point of the fight.

“It was like taking a breath and saying ‘we did it'”

Daniela remembers every moment of the confrontation with Casey. But there’s no one who excites her more than remembering when her arm was raised in victory.

“When they made the decision, the feeling of joy, that the three judges saw me win the fight, unanimous victory, it was like breathing and saying ‘we made it’“, he pointed out.

Asenjo was also very happy to have achieved her goal: “It was good that it was like this here in Paris, in a magnificent setting, in a hotel that was once a palace, in a top-level event that is something which the truth had not seen before”.

“And happy to have had this platform to be able to make themselves known and elevate Chilean boxing and women’s boxing”he added.

Regarding a possible title defense, the Chilean remarked that “we will see it later, now it’s time to enjoy and rest… but we have to keep working and training, being more strong”

With Valdivia in the heart

At the end of the Battle of Paris, Asenjo draws the attention of those present by displaying a white and red flag: that of Valdivia.

“I’ve always done it like this, it’s my cabal,” admitted the athlete, pointing out that “I’m a person, Valdivian, who identifies a lot with his city.”

“I give a lot of appreciation to the whole country, but there’s a different feeling with people from the south. This is my cabal, my city,” he added.

Looking ahead, Asenjo said “you win a world title and life changes in a way, but we’re going to keep working the same way.”

“I hope this may serve as an example, so that the new generations of athletes can also have greater access to them and that they are not only recognized when there are sporting achievements”, concluded.

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