Do you know the technology that drives the game?

The entertainment industry is going through a golden age. The leisure options available to people are unimaginable and significant growth is still expected, spurred by the benefits of technology.

Over the next few years, in the heat of digital innovations, new games and other more traditional games will emerge, such as poker and its most famous variant of poker texas hold ’emevolve towards more modern and closer versions of the new generations, while opening a new window of business and possibilities to all companies and sectors related to the gaming sector.

Poker is one of the most popular card games in the universe. There are both professional players who travel the world from tournament to tournament and anonymous players who seek to enjoy their free time responsibly. Poker, as well as its different variants, have been transmitted from generation to generation since its origins date back to Persia in the year 1000. Since this prehistoric moment, poker has known two great moments. The first of these dates back to the middle of the 19th century (more precisely 1850) when it positioned itself as a reference for the game after its emergence in the United States. And a second moment, in these more contemporary years, where poker felt a deep collaboration with technology, whose innovations have placed this game as a universal card game. Poker is world famous and its players number in the millions.

Not only its players, but also its multiple game variants that have emerged and evolved since that splendid epidemic that we talked about earlier, and that took place in the United States, where precisely the city of Las Vegas is located, considered as one of the Meccas of the game. In this regard, it should be noted that poker is considered a game of chance, although card manipulation is not considered a matter of luck, but rather having a good knowledge of the game, to gain experience and, of course, to have a good dose of cards. However, the chance percentage is very low compared to other gambling games.

This equation is verified, for example, in the simplest variant of poker, and which is none other than Texas Hold’em Poker, where the cards are dealt (three and face down) and in different rounds they are played with the cards that are positioned on the mat (of course, green) in an exercise in mental game and knowledge skill in which to compete with the rest of the users. These are usually faster and quite entertaining games, both physical and online, where this version of poker is one of the most popular. Let’s say it’s an optimal variant for players who are starting to handle these cards.

If we start from this online version that this poker game option offers us, as well as other modalities, we must delve into all those technological elements that allow this card game to evolve into one of the most played games in the world. First of all, the digital transformation that affects all layers of society (those linked to poker and other very disparate sectors), has allowed these cards to be known to a greater number and to be able to be played from the opening of these online games.

Security: blockchain technology

The visibility of poker is higher. Likewise, this online part addresses factors with which a physical game consisted exclusively: sitting at a table, listening to the handling of the cards, feeling the breath of the opponents and even interpreting their gestures. Now, thanks to virtual augmented reality, all Internet users can experience these sensations from their own sofa at home. Likewise, poker, as happens with other industries (whether gaming or not), enters the so-called metaverse, that virtual world where a parallel reality is experienced and interacts with the rest. individuals who are focused in this world through your own avatar.

These new technologies, and those that will emerge in the near future, leave the development of innovations such as Java, C++ or C technology in the background. At the time, they were essential for the development of games and their availability on the Internet. mobile devices. mobile, but now, the user has become more demanding and seeks greater contact with parallel universes and virtual and augmented reality. The same goes for means of payment, where the use of currencies in free circulation (euros, dollars, etc.) is relegated to the benefit of new and innovative means of payment, such as the famous crypto-currencies. There are already different gaming platforms that allow payment with these or other types of currencies.

These technologies and many others are promoting the rapid evolution of poker as a card game among citizens of five continents. These are innovations close to this game, but there are also other digital transformations that are shared with other leisure plans. We refer to innovations in terms of security, with the aim of keeping both the personal data of the players and any type of monetary transfer that may occur in a safe place. And similarly, in official tournaments that take place online, the goal is to ensure that they run smoothly. The blockchain technology It is the one that meets this objective of preserving the security of any transaction established or connections between users to enjoy this game in their free time.

Companies in the sector and many others are involved in these and many other technologies that cover a game that moves millions of followers, as well as many tournaments and physical casinos that offer their services through this online window that has transformed this game. Incidentally, a complicated card game to learn in the sense that a learning curve must be completed; that is to say that its mechanisms cannot be learned in a few days. And for this, technology is also useful, since there are videos and online courses, as well as the possibility of connecting as spectators to the games of the best professionals in the sector.

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