Eduardo Berizzo gives a masterclass to explain the new position and the role of Gary Medel in the Chilean team

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Chilean national team coach Eduardo Berizzo took the time to explain what is the new role that Gary Medel has taken on in the Chilean national team and what he expects with the position advancement on the land of Bologna man from Italy.

Gary Medel advanced several meters on the pitch during the first official rehearsal of the Chilean team under the command of Eduardo Berizzo
© Carlos Parra/ANFPGary Medel advanced several meters on the pitch during the first official rehearsal of the Chilean team under the command of Eduardo Berizzo

Friendlies are for testing and secrets are not kept locked away like before a game for points. For this reason, the coach of the Chilean national team, Eduardo Berizzo, took the time to explain in detail what is the new position of Gary Medel in the team and what he intends to achieve with his advancement on the playground.

The new DT of the Reds gave a real masterclass in preparation for the match against Tunisia next Friday (2:30 a.m.), which will open the participation of the Reds in the Kirín Cup, second season of the Asian tour which marks the beginning of its cycle at the head of the national team.

The Pitbull has evolved from the role of a traditional libero to that of a mobile midfielder. This is why Berizzo clarified that against South Korea, “Gary may have gone unnoticed thanks to the work of the midfielder, but he is an excellent driver of pressure. If the team pressed even ten players, in the rival field, it was thanks to the spirit with which Gary engaged his teammates and propelled them forward,” he said.

“The idea of ​​him playing in this position is that he shares the role of third central defender, in front of our defense and is not a traditional libero and forms a line of three defenders, but tries to have Gary, playing the central defender, to go in front of the defense and be able to join the midfield”, explained the Cordoba strategist.

El Toto stressed that the Pitbull case will not be static, although it depends on how the team leading the red team is put together. “According to the rival scheme, with two forwards, maybe it’s a convenient position for the team and for him, because we guarantee security at the back and we don’t lose a midfield, where the game arises. And the numerical superiority which he can exercise by leaving the defense and integrating as a midfielder is also interesting”, he estimated.

Don’t forget that you can watch the broadcast of the match between Tunisia and Chile, live and live from Kobe, via streaming via You only need a device with a fixed or Wi-Fi Internet connection, in Chilean territory, to follow from your bed the second apronte of the Berizzo era, with the best image and sound quality.

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