Here's how Ricardo Arjona reacted to a fan's topless in the middle of a concert

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Going to a concert of our favorite artist can cause various reactions such as euphoria, laughter or even tears, but Ricardo Arjona one surprised him fan with a topless Yes his reaction went viral.

Ricardo Arjona made a presentation in Miami in front of hundreds of people, as part of his success “Black and White” international tour Yes at her concert, a fan took off her blouse and was topless just as the singer performed the song”naked” on the scene.

The Cuban by name, Rocio Gallardowas the woman who dared to remove the top of her dress and show her breasts.

The video was recorded and posted by Rocío Gallardo herself. and quickly travels around the world. As she waved her blouse to get the singer’s attention, the artist was surprised.

Ricardo Arjona’s reaction to female topless

Both the public present and the popular artist were surprised by the behavior of the young woman. The Guatemalan musician even stopped singing for a few minutes when he saw that his fan had taken off his blouse.

I forgot the lyrics and everything“Admitted Arjona, between two laughs

Note that the woman responded to his reaction: “my husband is leaving me”.

After Gallardo’s video went viral, he gave an interview to Cubans around the world.

In said interview, Rocío said that Ricardo Arjona has always been his idol because of his compositions, and in particular the song “Nude”.

And what better opportunity to show my adventurous boobs to the master. I did it because I can, because I have my husband’s unconditional support and because Arjona makes it clear“, he explained.

He undressed at the Ricardo Arjona concert for a purpose

In the middle of the interview, the Cuban indicated that she had been recorded so that her video could be seen by many women, who do not dare to do something out of fear.

Many women wrote to me and said they didn’t have the courage to do it, while others told me they had husbands who would never let them free.“, he detailed.

Rocío Gallardo, put at the foot of his publication, that it was the best moment and with the greatest adrenaline so far in his year 2022.

The woman explained that after the singer saw her in the audience, she broke down crying with emotion: “It wasn’t the action, but the courage it takes to step out of your comfort zone. Yesterday it was my boobs, but tomorrow it’s a financial change for my family, or whatever decision I know I have the GUT, to make it”.

Finally, the Cuban confirmed that the man who went out with her is her husband, but, in addition, on the left side were her mother-in-law, her brother-in-law and a cousin of her husband.

My moment, my moment, and make @ricardoarjona confused, UFFFF. Now no more do I burst with emotion”.

Here you can see the video

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