«Eran tantas mis ganas de consumir y no tenía plata, que cambié por droga la silla del auto de la Ignacia (su guagua) a un gallo, que me diera dos o tres papelillos…», recuerda Daniel «Huevo» Fuenzalida

Author: Fran Varela / June 8, 2022

“I went to Lo Valledor, five o’clock in the morning, and I wanted to consume so much and I had no money, that I changed Ignacia’s car seat for drugs to a rooster that was there, that would give me two or three pieces of paper.

This is one of the stories from Daniel “Huevo” Fuenzalida’s testimony of his cocaine addiction and his subsequent rehabilitation and recovery.

The 50-year-old driver is a producer and host of Me Late and Me Late Prime, entertainment spaces on the TV+ channel, he created a rehabilitation center and is a spokesperson for the fight against addictions.

Fuenzalida told his story on De Tú a Tú, on Channel 13, and it was part of his story about his worst period of addiction, between 2002 and 2005. He was then married and his only daughter, Ignacia – now aged 20 years old – he was a baby:

“So you don’t have any more money to consume, you band together with other people, you ask dealers for credit, you engage with other people. You start selling all the things to be able to pay, the debts with the rent where we lived, the common expenses”

Martin Carcamo: “How does it work when you owe a dealer?”

Daniel “Egg” Fuenzalida: “They start chasing you. They start to pressure you. They start calling you on the phone. They start to be outside your house. They start telling you ‘ya poh, how are we doing?’. The most difficult question begins.

“Once they cut my electricity and I had a small bus. You have pressure from your wife, who says ‘okay, calm down’, and who will support you for up to a minute, but there will come a time when…”

Sump: “What did Pancha (Francisca Toro, ex-wife of Fuenzalida and mother of his daughter) tell you at that time?”

Fuenzalida: “’If you continue like this, I’m going to leave.’ Until the day I came home and there was nothing. I walked into this apartment and felt something different. It was from a reel, I must have arrived at noon, I had spent the whole night outside.

“I entered the apartment, opened the closet and there were no Francisca’s clothes. I go to Ignacia’s room and there was nothing. I started calling her, she was gone and that was it. When you’re in there, everyone’s to blame. ‘Nobody understands me’. I blamed her, Chilevisión (the channel where the host started his career and rose to prominence on Extra Jovenes), my bosses, ‘look how they left me’”

Sump: “When you first started selling stuff, what was the worst thing you did about it?”

Fuenzalida: “I went to Lo Valledor, five in the morning, and my urge to consume was so great and I had no money, that I traded Ignacia’s car seat for drugs to a rooster that was there, who would give me two or three pieces of paper.

“Because I asked him on credit, like I was begging him, ‘I’ll be back tomorrow, I’m the Egg.’ So he looks inside (the car), he says ‘what do you have?’ ‘The bus chair’ ‘Yeah poh’ And he had to pass me two pieces of paper.

“I went to consume driving the car, I had to park, he got up and I had to go home. So what do you say to your lady. Because you can arrive by taxi and all history, but where is the seat of the bus.

“I stopped a little further, got out of the car and broke the window. Then I came in saying I had been robbed…

“It excites me now, because if you see it from the outside, the damage you did to your wife in that minute, the damage you did to your own daughter, or the damage I was doing to myself. But at that time, I did not identify him.

“He believed I had been robbed. She was not able to think, neither my parents nor anyone else, that I had done something like that to continue my next consumption”.

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