Samsung DeX in 2022: a bright future

In the middle of 2022 there are many alternatives to working on a PC, but for years Samsung has been working hard on its DeX system, which allows us to transform our phone like the S22 and one of the models of this series, into a workstation.

And today we are going to review the main novelties that we have in the latest generation of DeX, which seeks to stand out from its competition from EMUI Desktop or even from Motorola’s Ready For which has recently become available.

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DeX call interface


Since its introduction in 2017, DeX has seen constant changes in connection mode, from a cable with a dedicated dock at the dawn of the product, until today that we can even connect it wirelessly.

But 5 years later, connecting your phone to DeX is easier than ever, and for the purposes of this review, we’re going to do it wired, with a USB-C cable connected to your phone, plus a monitor and mouse. Bluetooth.

And it is that, unlike other brands, the connection is extremely easy, we do not have to download programs or anything, we just connect this USB-C connector to the phone, and an HDMI to the monitor and voila, and we have the interface running.

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Quick settings menu

It should be noted that for a better experience, it is recommended to also connect a wireless keyboard to the phone and one mouse per path Bluetooth to avoid having to do a few extra steps.

But if we don’t have a mouse Bluetooth we can also use the same phone as touchpadwell, as soon as we connect the phone to the monitor and start the DeX interface, a new icon will be activated in the navigation bar of the phone which, if we touch it, will transform our phone screen into this touchpad.

With that touchpad we can even use gestures, allowing us to right click if we touch the screen with two fingers, or even make the zoom gesture that we are used to in traditional laptops.

DeX interface and experience

Once we are ready with the configuration, we find the DeX main menu, which reminds us a lot of what a Chromebook or even Windows is today, for example. That is, we have the notification and status panel on the right where we can connect WiFi, see battery status, open calendar or take a screenshot.

Samsung DeX photo 3
DeX On-Screen Keyboard

In the lower left part we have the button to see all applications, and this will group all our applications that we have installed on the phone.

In addition, there is a home button to minimize everything at once and a button to go back like on a phone.

Then we come to the most interesting part, and that is that Samsung’s proprietary browser has adapted perfectly to this interface, since we can navigate without any problem, as we do on a Windows or Mac laptop, and the keyboard will not be a problem if we do not have one connected, since one will be displayed on the screen in case we have to write.

It’s not the most comfortable thing in the world, but it can get us out of trouble more than once.

When using applications for daily use, we have no problem, since we can use, for example, WhatsApp without any inconvenience, and it’s even more comfortable than WhatsApp Web, because we don’t have to scan a QR code.

Samsung DeX photo 4
Application menu

We can also use the phone app because after all we are using a phone so we can make a call or send a message.

Another of the applications that surprised me the most is Microsoft Office, because if we have access to Office 365 all the applications will work optimally in DeX so that we can edit a document in Word or work in spreadsheets Excel, simply with our phone, a keyboard and a mouse.

We can even send documents to print, as long as we also have the dedicated application for our printer on the phone, but at least in my experience with a Brother printer I haven’t had any problems.

And when it comes to making video calls which have already become the norm these days; we can even share the screen with DeX, but we will not only share our black screen with which we scroll and use as a mouse, but we can share the screen as it is on a PC, a browser tab, a document, whatever we want. And everything works incredibly well.

Samsung DeX photo 5

Where if we do not have the desired results it is by playing, because there are not many games compatible with DeX today, but the one that is available if we can connect a control is Call of Duty Mobile .

Now, if we want to use more than one monitor, unfortunately we don’t have support and we can only use one.


Samsung DeX is today a great alternative for those who seek to do a job that is not too demanding or who need to get by, since its simplicity is its best ally and we are able to perform the daily tasks without any obstacles.

Maybe it’s not for everyone yet, because if we’re one of the people who need to have two monitors hooked up, or need to work on video and audio editing, There may be better alternatives, but for most people, DeX is a pretty good alternative.

I would dare to say that DeX is the future of computers, because we can use a phone as a PC and as a tablet at the same time, something Samsung itself is trying to solve with the Galaxy Fold line.

Anyway, in all honestythe experience surprised me a lot, Well, I did not expect to find myself almost without obstacles or without any shock when I wanted to write this news (I did it from DeX, for example).

Same when I was working with Office, where I was able to use Excel spreadsheets without any issues and edit a PowerPoint presentation without any issues.

In summary, Samsung DeX sigue creciendo en la dirección correcta, y con cada generación de la misma van notando los advances en esta materia, una que nos permite afrontar el día a día con mayor comodidad, e incluso darnos cierta flexibilidad a la hora de work.

Good job Samsung.

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