"She's wrong": Sergio Rojas questioned Vanessa Daroch's prediction

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One of the last predictions of the environment vanessa daroch was interviewed by the show’s panelists I Late Prime, who hinted that the woman was unwell. The reason? He assured that the King of Pop, michael jacksonis alive and will appear soon.

It was on the show We can speak where the seer launched into a risky prediction, of which she claimed to be completely sure:

“Michael Jackson is alive… And I’ll look crazy and they’ll say “but they showed the body”. investigate. He is alive”.

As such. Without hesitation, Vanessa Daroch surprised host Jean Philippe Cretton with her announcement, which continues to be commented on. This time, by the panelists of the show Me Late Prime.

“Hello? Is there a spare bed at (the psychiatric clinic) El Cedro? They’re on their way”, said the journalist laughing Sergio Rojasinsinuating that the seer is crazy, while Andrés Caniulef limited that “one must be very risky to predict such a thing”.

The driver Daniel Fuenzalida He added that “besides his condition, his credibility. It’s risky, because he affirms it, confirms it and says ‘Michael Jackson is alive, absolutely’”.

Vanessa Daroch in Can we talk

However, Sergio continued to question the prediction, stating that “she is sick, because please… But how will she live, if the man’s head was burned, then they buried him”, he commented, emphasizing that there is no way the King of Pop will appear alive.

Vanessa Daroch’s prediction

In the middle of the debate, Fuenzalida recalled that “in Me Late we told all these stories and Vanessa Daroch was a panelist and also César Parra, the man of the conspiracies. And at that time he said that there was a conspiracy who He said that 10 years after his death, Michael Jackson would appear among his fans.

“The 2019. It didn’t happen poh”, Sergio clarified, while Caniulef joked that “maybe because of the pandemic” the singer didn’t reappear.

The conversation continued with Daniel remembering that Parra was one of those who said Elvis Presley was alive and in Chile, so Rojas questioned him as well: “Why don’t they do a pack with Vanessa Daroch over there at El Cedro?” Duplex room”.

Daniel replied doubtfully: “And whether it’s true or not, what Vanessa Daroch says is true…”. But for Sergio Rojas there was no doubt, ‘how true! Ya poh! You are a smart man, how will Michael Jackson live please?! “, he underlined to conclude.

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