Eduardo Carlezzo y Pablo Mlad, antes de la conferencia que ofreció el abogado brasileño

Eduardo Carlezzo arrives punctually in the plenary room of the headquarters of the ANFP and settles in the center of the inn usually occupied by the board of directors of the corporation which governs Chilean football. A few seconds earlier, he had said goodbye to the president of the entity, Pablo Milad, who had not accompanied him in the appearance before the media, duly summoned. The protagonist would be, in his own right, the lawyer who presented, on behalf of Chile, the complaint against Ecuador. A professional expert in these disputes, who has already won similar cases at FIFA, such as that of the Paraguayan Nelson Cabrera, whose resolution favored Chile, although paradoxically it left him without going to Russia 2018, but now he had become a real star. Without going any further, after the presentation, impactful for many, except for Ecuador, his name has positioned itself as one of the most commented topics on social networks.

The Carlezzo it was all just a show. Located in the center of the table, he greeted in understandable Spanish and launched into the exposition of each of the points that support the argument that Chile brought to the attention of the disciplinary unit of FIFA, which this Friday will resolve the appeal which requires that the Red go to the planetary rendezvous by administrative means. Technology was one of his main allies. Leaning on a gray laptop, which contained each of the sheets he had prepared to show the documentation he had put together with his staff, listed each of the elements that, according to him, constitute the irregularities committed by Castillo and Ecuador. His other companion was a glass of water, to which he would wet his throat in the middle of a grueling day for the vocal cords. More than an hour will pass showing the evidence before launching a categorical conclusion: “It would be outrageous if FIFA did not consider all this burden. I have represented almost a thousand cases at FIFA over 20 years and I have rarely seen such a heavy burden of proof. It’s a lot of things”.

Eduardo Carlezzo, during his exhibition
Eduardo Carlezzo, during his exhibition (Photo: Agenciauno)

Carlezzo’s introduction is far from casual. First, for the lawyer’s intention to highlight the intense work he has done with the members of his office and each of the steps he has taken to reach the conclusions that allow him to affirm his thesis: that Castillo is Colombian , that Ecuador was at fault and that, therefore, should be excluded from the World Cup. The intention can be read twice: on the one hand, the professional sought to prove that he had carried out an exhaustive work and, on the other hand, to exert a certain pressure on a body which, by the nature of his specialty and the frequency with which he usually resorted to her, she could feel that siege.

For all these reasons, and surely a few others, Carlezzo took coldly calculated measures. On Sunday he appeared in Santiago, intending to be the one to explain in detail the measures he had taken. And just arrived determined that Tuesday would be the day he would meet the press. This decision is not accidental either: he sought to know the arguments that Ecuador had presented before the Disciplinary Unit of FIFA. The federation chaired by Francisco Egas had received so far from the entity that governs world football to explain its reasons. Carlezzo’s level of contacts would allow him to have access to this documentation.

Already in Chile, he devoted himself to preparing the details of the appearance before the media. One of his requests was for the conference to be face-to-face. The reason was none other than to show journalists all the background information he had collected, including several official and even ecclesiastical documents, such as the player’s baptism certificate in Colombia, one of the main proofs of the judicial offensive.

Eduardo Carlezzo, during his exhibition
Eduardo Carlezzo, during his exhibition (Photo: Agenciauno)

The image that shows Carlezzo with Milad was, strictly speaking, a farewell. About half an hour before entering the plenary room of the ANFP, the lawyer met with the president of Chilean football, whom he informed of all the file he had handled so far.. He also presented him with all the possible scenarios, including the most pessimistic of all: that FIFA would indeed recognize the seriousness of the context, but that, given the proximity of the playoffs and the tightness of the deadlines, this would mean continuing the controversy, he opts for other sanctions than the marginalization of the Guayas team.

In this context, the chronology of events becomes relevant. And the possibility arises that, to some extent, the Hourly of the prosecution can play against. Recently, in fact, former national coach Martín Lasarte admitted that he had been put on hold and that he had passed on the information to the coordinator Patricio Jerez, who, in turn, had to refer to the sporting director of the national teams, Francis Cagigao. “I try to stay away from it all a bit. At the time, we got the data. Someone from Paraguay told us and I warned Patricio Jerez. I believe they (Paraguay) also claimed at the time. I raised the issue and the complaint came to nothing, they told me it had no basis. You had to respect certain hours that FIFA gives you to file a complaint, it was all just a procedure, ”explained the strategist after his departure.

In this dialogue, Carlezzo also explained to Milad that he will wait for the decision in Chile. The reason is simply strategic. The professional will seek to agree with the management of the ANFP on the planning of the next step, given that it is certain that there are two additional cases: the appeal to FIFA itself and the request for arbitration to the CAS, which ultimately will end the controversy and determine whether the red team will go to the World Cup or not.

Carlezzo’s presentation didn’t overlook the psychological details either. At any time, the lawyer tried to sound confident and convincing. He took care of his tone, in order to intimidate, in a way, the counterpart. In Ecuador, they didn’t hesitate to describe his performance as “a circus”.

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