Video: Eduardo Berizzo does not understand a word when a local journalist tells him that Ben Brereton did not arrive with the Chilean team in Japan

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The coach of the Chilean team, Eduardo Berizzo, had to clarify the presence of Ben Brereton Díaz in the red delegation that arrived in Japan to play the Kirin Cup. The first game will take place this Friday from 2:30 a.m., and Redgol will broadcast live and via streaming.

Eduardo Berizzo went from surprise to smile when he had to clarify Ben Brereton Díaz's presence in Japan
© CaptureEduardo Berizzo went from surprise to smile when he had to clarify Ben Brereton Díaz’s presence in Japan

Press conferences for Chilean teams visiting the Far East are never easy. And less when they are telematic in nature. With the help of a translator, the protagonists must develop simple answers that satisfy the curiosity of journalists who do not always have all the information.

That’s what happened with Eduardo Berizzo and one of the questions he was asked before the duel between Chile and Tunisia, this Friday from 2:30 am for the semi-finals of the Kirín Cup. The Chilean national team coach was surprised to learn that no national player made the squad: none other than Ben Brereton Díaz.

“Brereton is here with us,” Toto clarified with a smile on his lips. And the reporter’s explanation was very respectful. “I apologize. Since we couldn’t find his name on the squad list, we thought he wasn’t there,” he replied.

Berizzo couldn’t be less. “Excuse me! Yes, he is here with us, the other day he played against Korea and he is a very intelligent footballer in his release, he is a deep man who easily comes into contact with the goal and which is an offensive reference for us”, condemned the coach of the Reds.

The Cordovan have ratified the importance of the Blackburn Rovers striker to the team. “He is a valuable footballer. He is with us and after finishing his league in England he joined this team and is with us here,” added the new national team coach.

Don’t forget that you can watch the match broadcast between Tunisia and Chile, live and live from Kobe via streaming via You only need a device with a fixed Internet connection or Wi-Fi, in Chilean territory, to follow the second apronte of the Berizzo era from your bed, with the best image and sound quality.

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