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499 days from the start of one of the most important events that the country has received, the president of the Chilean Olympic Committee (COCh), Miguel Ángel Mujica, is already beginning to throb for the next Paraamerican and Parapan American Games.

The countdown is faster than ever. A 499 days for the start of one of the most important events that the country has received, the president of the Chilean Olympic Committee (COCh), Miguel Ángel Mujica, is already beginning to feel what will be next Para American and Parapan American Games.

The first Pan American Games on home soil will take place between October 20 and November 5 next year. The previous government, that of Sebastián Piñera, provided a budget of 350 million dollars in sports infrastructure for the event.

In addition, during the second half of 2021, the construction of the Villa Panamericana was given, which will be located in the Cerrillos Bicentennial Park, near the Cerrillos station of the Santiago metro line 6.

Asked about the organizational expectations of the upcoming Pan American Games, Mujica said for BioBioChile that “in the organization is make wonderful gamesLet people remember that. It is very difficult for us to think of an Olympic Games, maybe in a few years we will be able to repeat the Para-American Games, but the JJ.OO. I think it’s not working for us as a country.”

Regarding the sporting point of view, the head of Olympic national sport indicated that “here there is also another concern, because they always ask me questions about ‘Santiago 2023’ and what about athletes?. We have to exceed 50 medals in Lima and although we have more athletes per quota place (700), the idea is that they can get a medal. It’s not just participating, but participating and winning”.

Miguel Ángel Mujica also highlighted the continued progress of Chilean sport, which raises hopes in the performance that the host of the international multidisciplinary competition will present.

“Week after week, in a specific World Cup or in a specific South American or Pan American, there are outstanding results. We just won six medals in a row in karate and it’s not as noticeable as the ‘Red’ (football),” he said.

Regarding the continuous development that the Games have experienced in terms of construction and planning, due to two very particular years due to the coronavirus pandemic, the helmsman of the Car indicated that “these were very complicated years. In 2018, I am not involved in politics, but nothing has been done; 2019 advanced, 2020-2021 came the pandemic and we had to organize by ‘zoom’ and now we are here in the last 500 days which pass”.

In this countdown, the Corporation Santiago 2023 had to face a change of government. Asked about the relationship with Gabriel Boric’s administration, Mujica said that “it’s normal. We are an NGO and we hardly depend on anyone, but we have the best relations with the Government, with the Ministry of Sports, the Minister, the Under-Secretary, etc…”.

“There was a point of continuity here. What worried us is that there would be a brake and for two or three months someone would really study what we were going to do in the following months to arrive at 2023”, he added.

Finally, the President of the National Olympic Committee spoke about the organizational and sporting objectives, like the previous Pan American Games “Lima 2019”.

“There are several things to overcome. In theaters they spent a million, because they didn’t have much. We have more of this point of view and we remain calmer. From an organizational point of view, our city is much friendlier than Lima. Transporting yourself to Lima, going from one room to another, it was really a circus, we are better connected”, he explained, adding that “in sport, there is the defeat Lima medals and leave the national sport well prepared for future competitions”.

“From the operational plan, we will be able to offer something more, speaking from the point of view of the city. We will not only provide the connection between the Pan American Village and venues, such as the National Stadium, but also between venues and sub-sites. In the long run it will be something friendly and that’s the stamp that he may leave ‘Santiago 2023′”, he condemned.

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