Who is Florencia Eluchans, the writer and "new" love of Ignacia Baeza?

After getting married and having twins, actress Ignacia Baeza said she was in a relationship with 40-year-old Chilean writer Florencia Eluchans three years ago.

“Today I love a woman”, explained the interpreter of Balthazar’s Law (Mega) at Ya Magazine. “It doesn’t seem to me that it stands up to further analysis, or at least I don’t need to fit in with anything.”

In this same conversation he confessed about Florencia that “I admire her a lot as a novelist”, “because she has a future ahead of her”, to the point that they thought of “working together”, since “she tells stories and I put them represent”. Indeed, “we have a lot of affinities professionally, and it’s very fun, because it translates into conversations, projects and dreams together”. And all “always with a lot of humor”, which is “something we both have and it fascinates me”.

The actress hasn’t ruled out a future marriage, but she also thinks “she has her kids (3), we both have our homes,” so “I think relationships can work really well like that, with air in between”.

The other part

Some biographical information on Florencia indicates that she was born in Santiago in 1981, has a degree in tourism from SEK University, and has a degree in marketing from the University of Chicago. He noticed his interest in writing when he wrote articles about travel. Since 2010, she has deepened her interest in literature, participating in workshops led by writers Ana María Güiraldes and Pablo Azócar.

“It was a discovery and an absolute surprise in my life,” he told Emol TV of his break into literature. “I was working in an office dealing with other issues and that made me want to write.” That’s how it started. “I started to get excited”, despite the fact that “it’s hard work, sometimes lonely”. Also, as a child, she was never interested in writing, she only had a life diary, she told El Periodista a few years ago.

Florence Eluchans.  PHOTO: Monica Molina
Florence Eluchans. PHOTO: Monica Molina

His first book was the winner of the 2016 Literary Creation Fund, a prize awarded by the National Council for Culture and the Arts.

In total, he has published two novels. The first of them, published in 2017, is called This life that we imagine (Planet). The plot is about a Chilean couple, Elisa and Diego, who move to New York to fulfill their dreams. However, contrary to what they had shortened, he suddenly wants to have children, which destabilizes all the bases.

“Chucha,” she thought after the first post. “What am I going to write now?” because he worried about satisfying the readers of his debut.

“I have a super happy life”

In 2020 appeared beyond today(Planeta), a story that recounts the marriage of lawyers Rafael and Elena, who believe they have reached a certain fulfillment at 50, with their children who have achieved long-awaited independence. However, on their own, the past starts beating down on them.

As a promotion, in April, Ignacia Baeza herself made a short film with her colleague Diego Ruiz which depicts one of the dialogues of this novel, between Elena and Rafael, who lead a heated discussion on Zoom.

At least until a year ago, Florencia’s professional life was already entirely devoted to literature, and she was also interested in starting book clubs. At that time, I was also looking for a new story: “It has to be a theme, a question, a challenge, something very strong to support such a long work”.

“Add and subtract, with all the beautiful and sad things in adult life, I have a super happy life,” he confessed in February 2019, “especially after finding out that I love to write. I think it’s a fortune today.”

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