A universal charger: Chile could join the initiative of the European Union

On Tuesday, the European Union (EU) agreed that by 2024 all portable electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets must have a single universal charger.

This proposal will allow consumers to purchase new devices without having to purchase an additional charger.

The charging port of all devices will be a USB-C input, and that’s what the vast majority of products on the market have. From Xiaomi to Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, among thousands of others. The great part, all except Apple, which is the interested party.

However, this charger will not be compatible with laptops, smartwatches or devices that measure physical activity, for technical reasons such as its size.

The objective of the European Union with this law is that electronic products are, above all, more sustainable; in addition to reduce electronic waste Yes make life easier for consumers.

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Could this happen in Chile?

As stated in an article by The thirda few months ago, the UDI deputies, Cristóbal Martínez and Henry Leal, proposed a bill to reduce electronic pollution in the country, and which has Chile as one of the largest producers of this type of waste at the regional level.

According to Cristóbal Martínez, the climate crisis is a very relevant factor to take into account. “Our country is no exception, and we saw the need to move forward with a project that could contribute to the various strategies that have been taken to combat this emergency,” the congressman said. In fact, they took as a reference the same project proposed by the EU, “understanding that if they could agree on a measure of such magnitude, we do not see why we could not move forward in the same leadership and be pioneers in the continent.

“This project would not only make life easier for everyone, but above all it would make a very important contribution to the environment and, although we have not yet quantified how many tonnes of waste would stop being thrown away each year if it were approved, we are absolutely sure that would be a very large percentage, ”he develops.

The project was presented on April 21 recently adopted and, since then, it remains for the Economics Commission to begin its legislative process, which depends on the will that exists on the part of the various political sectors.

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