"After 300 calls...": ME-O recounts all the "perseverance" he applied to make Karen Doggenweiler fall in love

“This story lasted 18 years,” Marco Enríquez-Ominami said of his marriage to TV host Karen Doggenweiler.

As a podcast guest, you I worry about youthe former presidential candidate told how love was born with the current host of Have a nice week end (TVN), for which he returned to the time when he worked as a television director, especially when he created the series life is a lotteryin 2002, broadcast by the public channel.

At that time, I already had my eye on her: “I looked at her, I didn’t see much in the morning (Hi there), but he located her, he had seen some super fancy interviews,” he recalled; in fact, “once he gave an interview about politics and I was very impressed with his courage, playing for progressive ideas”. This, he says, “I found fascinating.”

Some time later, ME-O attended the morning show as a guest to promote the aforementioned series, which aired until 2005 on TVN, where he had the chance to speak with her.

“She was dressed in red and black, which are the colors of the MIR (Movement of the Revolutionary Left),” she recalls, according to Pagina 7.

Faced with this outfit, he commented: “Hey, you’re dressed as a revolutionary, did you notice?”. To which she replied something like, “Of course, because you came.” Faced with this exchange, “I was very impressed”, he confessed.

Second chance

After this scene, the former filmmaker began his steps to obtain an appointment: “After 300 calls, he never wanted”, he revealed. However, he had a new opportunity to meet her, for the promotion of the second season of the series, instance in which he asked for the long-awaited chance.

“Somehow I said to him ‘why don’t you cut your egg and accept my invitation?'” he said. “Because with a year of telephone inbox I think I have shown enough perseverance.” Said and done, the next day they went out to eat.

From then on, ME-O recognized himself as a “daring” guy, so much so that when he first met, he said, “I need to meet your mother.” Faced with this unexpected proposal, she replied: Why? And he replied, “Because we are going to get married.”

“Seductive scratch”, he comments now, reviewing the past.

And for there to be a marriage “I have to meet my future mother-in-law before,” he explained. Faced with such intensity, she replied, “Are you crazy? How dare you ask me that?”

Finally, somehow, he got out of it and “I ended up having lunch in a Peruvian restaurant with what is now my mother-in-law”, in reference to Silvia Lapuente, whom “I admire”, said he concluded.

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