Anti-Robbie Robinson plan: the strategy of the Reds to prevent the escape of Belgian Nayel Mehssatou

In the Chilean national team, the first days of Nayel Mehssatou. The 19-year-old right-back, who added his first appearance in the Reds’ loss to South Korea in a friendly that marked the start of the Berizzo era, has gradually become part of a process who seeks to regenerate. The son of a Chilean mother and a Moroccan father, although having defended Belgian youth, finally chose to wear the jersey of the South American country.

The truth is that Mehassatou’s recruitment process started several years ago. In 2019, under the orders of Cristian Leiva, the team that today defends Kirtrijk added its first participations in the Sub 19 of Chile. After adding a few games, the footballer asked for time to think carefully about the decision that would mark his future. Belgium, in those years, was already following him and inviting him to join their team.

Faced with such a scenario, in La Roja they were cautious when appointing. In the memory of the representatives of Quilín, the escape of Robbie Robinson, the American who agreed to play for Chile, and even focused on Juan Pinto Durán, before a friendly tour, still revolves around, but who finally ended up running away. Juan Pinto Durán left, without any explanation. “Maybe the Chilean people didn’t like it, but it’s my career and I make my own decisions. Whether it helps me or hurts me, it doesn’t matter, but I’m responsible for myself and I’m a man, so I think I did the right thing.”said the 23-year-old striker in an interview in his country.

Francis Cagigao, the sporting director, analyzed all the variables before starting the process involving Nayel Mehssatoul. He didn’t want another case like Robbie Robinson. That’s why the Hispanic met the footballer and his agent to find out his intentions. He did it via zoom and took advantage of the last tour he made in Europe to personally convey his wish to defend the Reds, and not Belgium or Morocco.

The Spaniard made a presentation to the footballer in which he projected his future in the national team. He showed him the challenges that await the Red from the hand of Eduardo Berizzo. After this interview, the two parties gave themselves seven days to make a decision.

At the same time, the ANFP’s Tracking and Analysis department, headed today by Marko Biskupovic, carried out an in-depth analysis, gathering technical and physical data. Reports of objective testimonies have been included for later carrying out a case behavior, character and data on how he trained at his club and his relationship with his teammates. All tests gave positive results.

Already with the footballer’s yes, the national team nominated him for the Kirin Cup duels. According to El Deportivo, Berizzo is happy with his contribution to football. And also with its adaptation, which was personally commissioned. The DT manages French, a language he learned during his time in French football, which helped him identify with the footballer. On campus, meanwhile, Ben Brereton has integrated him, taking advantage of the fact that they both speak English.

“The boy is smart and he has settled in well. Train and work hard. He is an intelligent footballer, he learns quickly. Being at a club like Anderlecht for many years shows that. He has this work school of a big European club,” they say from inside the national team.

In a press conference, Mehassatou gave details on his adaptation to the Team of all. “My first days were very good. All the players tried to talk to me, in Spanish or in English.”said.

“They made an effort, with Ben Brereton I was able to communicate in English and the coach also spoke to me in French. They were all very nice and loving with me.” completed the side.

La Roja adds new value to its ranks. Until today, in the Red, they celebrate the incorporation of a right-back who promises to take over, or at least appear as an alternative, the relief of Mauricio Isla.

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