Bomb!  The Sun and Bild newspapers give favor to Chile in the complaint against Byron Castillo: "Ecuador is ready to be expelled"

Byron Castillo case

In England and Germany they addressed Chile’s complaint against Ecuador by Byron Castillo. We already consider La Tri eliminated, while the supporters await the decision this Friday in FIFA.

Chile's complaint against Ecuador by Byron Castillo will know its result this Friday
© CaptureChile’s complaint against Ecuador by Byron Castillo will know its result this Friday

The Chilean team count the hours to find out if you can really be in the Qatar 2022 World Cup. This Friday the result of the complaint filed by the Football Federation of our country against Ecuador for the alleged registration error of Byron Castillo will be known.

La Roja hopes for a favorable result on the board and thus be able to obtain a direct passage to the planetary event next November. To do this, you must first know what the Disciplinary Commission decides.

Fans no longer give up the uncertainty and find themselves without nails, delighted that Chile can be at the World Cup in Qatar in 2022. And it is in the midst of all the expectations generated by the Byron Castillo affair, that different versions appear.

The press around the world is attentive to the news that has appeared. And it is from Europe that comes a bomb that can begin to pave the way for La Roja towards the tournament.

In Europe they give Chile favoritism against Ecuador by Byron Castillo

While the Chilean team awaits the decision of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee for the complaint against Ecuador and Byron Castillo, in Europe they are already anticipating what could happen. Two of the main media of this continent addressed the resolution this Friday, with good news for the Reds.

The first of them was English The Sun, which believes that the result will be favorable for our country with a categorical sentence. “Ecuador is ready to be expelled from the World Cup tomorrow, with a possible collateral effect for England in Qatar,” they said.

The aforementioned newspaper played up the mystery, but pointed out that things will allow Chile to go to Qatar 2022. “It is understood that FIFA has decided that the Ecuadorian right-back is not eligible because he in Colombia.”

To what was published in England is added Bild from Germany. In said medium, they have detailed the documents presented by Eduardo Carlezzo and how they seek the classification of the Red. “The Chileans hope to participate in the World Cup, if Ecuador takes away the points from the eight qualifying games in which Castillo was used.”

“There have been discussions about Castillo’s personnel for years. His former club Emelec have confirmed that they abandoned him as a youth team because there were too many doubts about his identity,” they said. they added.

Chile hopes that FIFA’s decision will be favorable and thus Ecuador with Byron Castillo will leave Qatar 2022. La Roja confides in a miracle full of illusions to play the tournament again.

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