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Bosch knows that climate change is and will be the greatest challenge of the present and the future, which is why it has launched a campaign based on sustainability, contributions for a better quality of life with technologies that save water and energy, but also allow greater hygiene, healthier cooking and therefore have more time for a better quality of lifeamong others.

Exceptional personalities such as Carlo Von Mühlenbrock, Sergi Arola, Pamela Fidalgo, Renata Ruiz, where journalist and food columnist Daniel Greve invited those present to visit different kitchens with international preparations from 5 continents, to learn more about this campaign worldwide, the use and benefits of each technology.

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Carlo Von Muhlenbrock, Pamela Fidalgo

Indeed, despite the saving of carbon dioxide in the production and design of efficient household appliances, in the case of the German company, where from the year 2020 the sites are carbon neutral, which means that all BSH products are designed and manufactured without leaving a carbon footprint. In addition, all Bosch factories worldwide should be supplied with clean electricity by 2030.

But the biggest effect on the climate comes from the use of household appliances, which is why the campaign focuses on the users and how they use each of the products.

For Cristián Darré, commercial director of Bosch, “Can you imagine saving 150 liters of water in 5 washes, using a dishwasher, instead of washing by hand? With Bosch it is possible, this is how our technologies work, which save water and energy, but also allow greater hygiene, healthier cooking, more time for better quality of life, among others”.

Dishwashers that also have the PerfectDry function which allows perfect drying even of plastics. Its ActiveWater that washing machines and dishwashers have, which automatically detects the amount of load, the flow sensor and the speed level, which allows you to adapt the amount of water and the washing time. And therefore each of the technologies that ensure a conscious use of resources without affecting the result”.

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Sergi Arola, Daniel Greve, Dario Cordova

In addition, steam ovens help preserve the nutrients, color and aroma of the preparations, which allows cooking in a healthy and tasty way.

And to further facilitate the functions and ensure better use, the commercial director of the brand announced the forthcoming launch at the end of the year of Home Connect, the integration platform developed by Bosch which allows remote control of household appliances, using, for example, voice control activated by Amazon Alexa which allows you to interact with products only with your voice. Currently available in over 40 countries, 25 languages.

In conclusion, a better, healthier and more sustainable life, a task to which today’s devices are also added.

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