Chile vs Ecuador: five possible convictions of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee for the case Byron Castillo

This Friday, the sentence of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee for the Byron Castillo case is expected, the complaint that Chile has filed against the player and the Ecuadorian Football Federation, for false birth certificate, false declaration of age and false nationality of the Barcelona defender from Guayaquil, who played eight games in the South American Qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

The panorama does not seem to bode very well for the aspiration of the Chilean team, qualifying for the next World Cup. According to the lawyer representing La Roja, Eduardo Carlezzo, he admitted that he had “no doubt that we would have a favorable decision for Chile if the groups were not drawn, if it was in January; however, when you think of the current situation, with the organization of the World Cup in progress, with the tickets sold, the travel packages, the easiest decision is to keep everything as it is, “he said. he warned.

Yet the anticipation has spread in the final hours, with Chilean fans starting to get excited, as they take on their Ecuadorian peers in real legal proceedings via social media. The possibility of entering Qatar through the back door makes moralists uncomfortable, but the Chilean federation had no choice but to file a complaint, due to its mandate to enforce the regulations.

We at RedGol have made a compendium of the possible endings that this TV series will have, given that after FIFA’s decision, an appeal from Chile or Ecuador will surely come to the Appeal Board, and later the The case will be submitted to the Court of Arbitration for Sport. , CAS; in a process that may last until the end of August.

Five possible scenarios for FIFA’s conviction for the Byron Castillo case

Keep everything as is: Eduardo Carlezzo’s theory is the first option considered. FIFA may withdraw the complaint for procedural reasons, due to the burden of proof presented by Ecuador or even due to a declaration of incompetence by the committee, if it cannot rule on the nationality of the footballer. In this case, La Tri will play the World Cup and, if there is no misfortune, with Byron Castillo in his team.

Penalty for Byron Castillo: Apart from Ecuador’s participation in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, FIFA can also determine a sanction against Byron Castillo, if his documents are confirmed to be fraudulent. In this case, the player can be fined and suspended from official competitions for at least one year, for violating article 21 of the Disciplinary Code.

In this sense, it should be noted that experts in the matter do not rule out a Solomonic solution, that is, a sentence that leaves both parties happy. In this case, it would be a punishment against Castillo individually, and the ratification of the Ecuadorian team in the next World Cup in Qatar.

Ecuador without qualifiers: a third way is punishment after the fact. Ecuador can go to Qatar, but if they are found responsible for the irregularities, FIFA can disqualify their team from the next qualifiers, according to Article 22 of the Disciplinary Code. That’s what happened to Chile after the 1989 Maracanazo, when they were dropped from the 1994 World Cup in the United States.

The decision in favor of Chile: the poor South American Qualifiers campaign left Chile dependent on the podium. And the penalty can achieve what could not be done on the ground. Article 22 establishes that the participation of an unqualified player is sanctioned with a defeat by abandonment (0-3) and a fine of at least six thousand Swiss francs. The points will remain in the possession of the rival.

In Ecuador’s case, Castillo has played eight games: wins over Paraguay, Bolivia, Venezuela and visiting Chile; ties with Chile at home and Argentina; and defeats against Uruguay and Paraguay. For this reason, they will lose 14 points and fall to the penultimate place in the table, while Chile will add five points and reach fourth place and the direct ticket to Qatar 2022.

The decision in favor of Colombia and Peru: the same article 22 establishes that the use of a non-callable player can also be sanctioned by the exclusion or elimination of the offending team from the competition, and the cancellation of its results. In this case, Colombia would reach fifth place in the playoffs and play the playoffs with Australia. Peru, meanwhile, would move up to the fourth step and qualify directly.

According to the Colombian press, it is not unreasonable to think that the announcement of the new coach last week is linked to this possibility. Néstor Lorenzo, José Pekerman’s former assistant on the coffee team, has the tools to build something against time and compete for last place.

Finally, article 6 of the regulations of the Qatar 2022 World Cup establishes that the penalty in the event of confirmation of the irregularity in Ecuador will be at the discretion of FIFA: “If a federation withdraws (…), the FIFA will decide in a discretionary manner the measures it must adopt and the actions it deems necessary.

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