Google would be working on a much cheaper Chromecast than the current one and its recording has just been leaked

Google has managed to diversify its business lines and have a diverse hardware division with multiple devices under its brand. Among them, perhaps the most consistent would be the Chromecast.

It is an accessory that connects via HDMI to any screen to automatically convert it into a Smart TV with support for a wide range of services and streaming platforms.

The Chromecast is far from the absolute solution for those who want to save the investment cost that a smart TV with the best technical specifications requires today.

But it is an accessible alternative with a very functional and entertaining price for those who still have perfectly functional screens but do not have the possibility of connecting to the Internet.

We’ve seen full generations of Chromecasts circulating in the market and in its most recent version, it looked like they’d already perfected everything. But there would be a surprise on the way.

A cheaper Google Chromecast could be on the way

This recent report is the product of many factors coming together at the same time to conclude that Google is about to surprise us.

First, in January 2022, the folks at Protocol reported that Google was working on a new, much cheaper Chromecast that would max out at 1080p.

At that time it was claimed that the dongle might have the name “Chromecast HD with Google TV”, but since then no further information has emerged.

But now the guys from Droid Life are revealing to us the leak of a new product registration before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

This new gadget, identified in the document as “Google G454V” is described as a wireless device that has dual-band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz 802.11ac connectivity, Wi-Fi plus and Bluetooth LE.

All accompanied by a simple diagram which describes its operation and its integration logic, and which is quite explicit:

The sum of these elements leads to the conclusion that it would be a new Chromecast, since these are still its connection specifications.

But the reality is that in the leaked document there is not a single line where it is specifically named, only the model already described is identified by it.

The latest Chromecast model supports 4K HDR resolutions and sells for $50. A Full HD version should therefore be more accessible.

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