Gustavo Quinteros doesn't want Pablo Solari to leave Colo Colo: 'If it were up to me, let the season end and go to Europe'
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The strategist mentioned a possible departure of Pibe to America from Mexico during a press conference, where he made it clear that it will be a “huge loss, very difficult to reinforce”.

The Colo Colo strategist advised Pablo Solari ahead of a possible game.
© William SalazarThe Colo Colo strategist advised Pablo Solari ahead of a possible game.

Colo Colo could lose one of his great figures in this transfer market after Mexico’s America put a figure close to 4.5 million dollars to obtain the services of Pablo Solari.

The one who mentioned this possible departure from the Pibe was Gustavo Quinteros during a press conference in the middle of the offseason in Argentina, where he stressed that it would be a “huge loss” Yes advised him wait until the end of the season to make a better qualitative leap.

In the first instance, the DT assured that “Pablo is very important, it is difficult to replace him or find a young player of his level. His departure would be negative for the team, I hope he can go where he wants at the end of the season”.

When asked if this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the player, the strategist said: “I don’t share it. Pablo Solari can aspire to play in Europe, with his performance and his game. But hey, it’s the player’s decision if he wants to leave and also that of the club. It was a bet when he was 19, we prepared him and today he is an important player for the team. The growth you have always has a very high ceiling. If the club and the player in this negotiation see that it suits both parties, they will have to leave. It would be almost impossible to replace”.

Regarding the Argentine’s possibilities of leaving the Cacique, Quinteros maintained that “administrators should clarify. Over there the Mexican club makes a higher offer and there we depend on them. You have to be ready in case anything happens around Solari, if he leaves or stays. There’s a lot of things we need to think about and one of them is, if Solari leaves, what do we do with it? It doesn’t depend on me, because if it were up to me, he should stay, finish the season and go to Europe”.

To conclude, he said that “it is difficult to find a young player, who does not occupy a place for you and who performs for you like Pablo Solari does at Colo Colo. It would be a huge loss, very difficult to reinforce”.

Despite this, he pointed out thatwe have good options on campusthat they are good and that they have to prove game by game, that if Solari leaves, they will have more chances to play. All the players who are at Colo Colo have the potential to play”.

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