He was the undisputed champion and hadn't lost in a decade... but he suffered a brutal knockout that scared everyone

He hadn’t given up his throne since April 8, 2012. It was the first and last time he was defeated in a ring. Before and after, he only knew victories. His record, in fact, so far was 26 wins, 18 by knockout, and that little blemish he promised wouldn’t happen again. We’re talking about Kenichi Ogawa, a 34-year-old veteran Japanese boxer from Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture, who was on the line for his title in the International Boxing Federation (IBF) super featherweight division in Wales.

His rival was local Joe Cordina, The Welsh Magician, which also presented figures to take into account: 14 confrontations without defeat, 8 victories by KO. “I have devoted my whole life to boxing. Now it all comes down to this opportunity, my chance at the world title. It is a springboard to secure the future of my family, “said the native of Cardiff a few hours before the fight.

For his part, Ogawa was candid, “I’ll be the one to win this fight.” And of course the bets and the specialists were with him, champion since November 2021 when he beat Azinga Fuzile.

But the way the fight unfolded would prove the majority wrong. After a first assault where the Japanese tried to impose his style, pressing the start with powerful blows and trying to corner the challenger, the Welshman defended himself in his own way, keeping his distance, studying his rival.

Then, in the second round, the surprise: Cordina threatened to hit the Japanese soft zones with a jab, and when the time came he unsheathed an unexpected direct right to the jaw. They only ran for one minute and 15 seconds. Ogawa, who had let his guard down by falling into the trap, fell heavily against the canvas.

He tried to get up, but the impact was too strong. Michael Alexander found him and decided to end the fight. The festivities have taken over the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff. No one expected a resolution like this, so soon… let alone for the local. No one except him:

“It’s the same blow that I gave to Joshua Hernández. The look towards the body, and the right, when you go up, you put your whole body. It feels good, it doesn’t hurt, it’s an incredible feeling. When I went to the corner I looked and saw his head bouncing on the ground and I knew I had done it, ”he said as soon as they lifted arm and hooked the Cordina belt on him.

It was his 15th victory, the fourth in a row since the enforced break due to injury which has plagued him throughout 2020. And, wait, the start of his own legend.

Check out the incredible knockout here:

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