"How can you think of that?"  : They reveal a compromising request from ME-O to Karen Doggenweiler

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In a new episode of the Me importas tú podcast, the Franco-Chilean politician and filmmaker Marco Enriquez-Ominamidiscussed his relationship with the presenter Karen Doggenweilerwho he has been in a relationship with for years and apparently had some well-kept secrets about his romance that he dared to declassify during the conversation.

Along that line, and going into detail about how it all started between the two of them being one of the most stable couples on television so far, ME-O got candid about many of the things that must have go through their career.

But how was your first outing? How did Ominami ask Doggenweiler out? It all started on the morning of TVN, when in the politician’s own words, he was completely crushed by Karen. Specifically during a visit he made to the state channel to talk about the television series La Vida es una Lotería, a film project in which he worked.

Then that day, the cheerleader dress deeply caught her attention.

She was dressed in red and black, which are the colors of the MIR. I tell him ‘hey, you’re dressed like a revolutionary, did you notice?’ She replied ‘of course, because you came’. I was very impressed.

Among other details, Marco Enríquez-Ominami recounted the beginning of his love affair with the TVN cheerleader who from then on began to ask him out, but she told him no. reason why he was in constant contact with her for nearly a year, receiving no sign of Doggenweiler.

Meanwhile, Karen’s lack of interest in ME-O was clear, a scenario that luckily didn’t last long, as one day they had to meet again for an interview. A) Yes, the presenter finally accepted his invitation to go out, and the next day they went to eat.

But the thing did not stop there, since the politician made a compromising request, drawing all the potential he could from his role as a leading man, in order to make his intentions with her clear. However, the proposal at first didn’t go down well with KD, who was absolutely surprised.

I need to meet your mother.

Faced with such an insinuation from the politician, just on the first date, the TVN cheerleader was completely confused and asked why. In this regard, ME-O told him: “Because we’re getting married”.

You are crazy? How dare you ask me that?

Finally, despite the filmmaker also acknowledging that his phrase came from an “attractive scratcher”, Karen Doggenweiler later let him know who his stepmother is now and whom he publicly admits to having a deep admiration for.

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