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“I kiss him, ‘president’, and stiff president. I must say that a gentleman, because I was there throwing myself into the arms of the president”, said Elisa Zulueta about an anecdote she experienced with former president Eduardo Frei at the airport from Madrid.

The actress, figure in television series such as Socias and Dama y Obrero, and also a playwright, told the story in an episode of the late Pero Con Respeto broadcast in mid-May on Chilevisión.

Here are his words:

“I met Eduardo Frei at an airport. In other words, the myth is fulfilled. Do you remember that at that time he traveled all the time and that the president was never in Chile…? Already. I saw it.

“With Ignacia Baeza, an actress in the play Gladys at the time, it made me a little nervous that we were flying and never landing, hours and hours in the air. So I asked my sister to provide us with a legal substance, of course, bought at the pharmacy.

“I take the pill halfway with Ignacia Baeza. I take it and ‘cockpit, ready for landing’. In other words, we no longer had to take the weá, if we were ready, we had already crossed. I did not know. I don’t take pills or anything. I’m not used.

“I took it and started like ‘ready, land, get the bags, the boarding gate…’ And me with Ignacia Baeza, unlike Coca Guazzini, Cata Saavedra, people who weren’t handling the decor, I had to take everything from Madrid to Lisbon, from Lisbon to Faro, a city in Portugal.

“And I don’t know anything. I have no idea of ​​anything. I was trying to find an Easter tree, because we tried to get them to buy an Easter tree in Lisbon and they said “no”. It’s just not Easter tree season. Traveling from Santiago with the Easter tree, 500 suitcases, with a dry mouth from drug addiction (he jokes).

“I take the elevator, because Madrid airport has a metro and it really takes three hours to get to the other boarding gate. And I got in the elevator and there was Eduardo Frei, Ignacia Baeza and I. And we like that: ‘President…’ He wasn’t president anymore, but he was still Eduardo Frei poh. You never had to give juice.

“But I was already like that, dry, dry, bad smell I guess, like that… ‘President’ smell, and Ignacia was laughing next to her. ‘President’, and I kiss him. A junkie, because I kiss him, “president”, and stiff president. I must say a gentleman, because I was there throwing myself into the arms of the president.

“Then I got off the elevator and said ‘why did I do that?’ I get on the subway, the president and I like it, again! And the president looked at me like ‘that girl liked me’. It shows that he liked me. And me trying to get the ‘looked normal, but completely sleepy, so it was like all over the top. Greetings to Eduardo Frei and Marta…”

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