Information from RedGol at La Clave: "Pablo Solari will leave Colo Colo in the next few hours"

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The Chilean football market is living a transcendent day in terms of America’s negotiations to bring in Colo Colo’s young Argentinian striker, Pablo Solari. On that day, the white and black council will decide whether they want to keep the striker or accept the juicy offer for his pass.

Pablo Solari would have already said goodbye to his teammates during the Colo Colo offseason in Argentina
© Agency OnePablo Solari would have already said goodbye to his teammates during the Colo Colo offseason in Argentina

The Chilean football transfer market rarely talks about numbers of six or more zeros. For this reason, the possibility that Pablo Solari and Colo Colo will accept América de México’s offer for the Argentine striker is imminent and everything can be defined this afternoon, during the Blanco board meeting y Negro.

It was Edson Figueroa, the general manager of DaleAlbo, who put forward the possibility during his participation in RedGol at La Clave. “On the management side, they deny that there is anything concrete or a decision from the club. The offer would be and would be around four million dollars. Today there is a meeting of the white and black board of directors and that can be quite decisive in terms of reinforcements”, assures the expert journalist of the Cacique.

In this sense, it is assured that “more than someone who is in the concentration of Colo Colo in Argentina told me, and also other people in DaleAlbo, that Pibe Solari had told some colleagues that he was not yet in Colo Colo, more beyond what the administrators say. We will see what happens, today’s meeting can be very decisive”.

Figueroa warns that not everything is settled and sets the backdrop to the Cacique’s pre-season last January, when “Pibe Solari also said ‘I’m leaving’ to some colleagues. And he ended up staying. Take it as fact seems risky to me, but there is a space and an intention of the footballer and his representative”, he underlined.

The example of the offer not accepted by Iván Morales

In black and white, they have a history in this regard, because in the past they had a similar situation with striker Iván Morales. For this reason, Edson Figueroa believes that now in the Cacique they will not miss the opportunity to make a good profit for the jewel that emerged from the career of Talleres de Córdoba and that reached the popular group in November 2020.

“It seems to me that the economic question weighs heavily. It’s calm for the future of Solari and in Colo Colo they also say ‘is an offer going to come back?’ and it was practically given to Mexican football,” he warns.

In this sense, the Cacique expert makes a prediction for the next few hours. “Knowing how unstable Chilean football is when it comes to selling, I repeat: it seems to me that Pibe Solari is going to leave the club,” he said.

That’s not the only thing in terms of the white market, as defender Ramiro González is very close to becoming the first addition to Gustavo Quinteros’ squad. The 31-year-old defender made a switch to Unión Española and last summer he was signed at Palestino, but he backtracked and went to Rosario Central in Argentina.

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