Johnny Herrera gives wise advice to Esteban Paredes on the option of not retiring: "You have to be wise to leave for the best"


The former goalkeeper and idol of the University of Chile, Johnny Herreraindicated before the option that Etienne Walls follow his career in Santiago Morning that you have to try to end at the right time before stretching the rubber. Additionally, he gave some examples that he had seen in the past.

Johnny Herrera has spoken about Esteban Paredes' retirement, which is still pending.
© Agency OneJohnny Herrera has spoken about Esteban Paredes’ retirement, which is still pending.

The race of Etienne Walls it is coming to an end. The historic striker of Chilean football is gone united coquimbo, but has yet to announce his retirement from football. Although many take it for granted, Visogol said he was not mentally ready to announce it yet and would give a definitive answer when he returned from vacation with his children in the United States. Whereas, Morning of Santiago he goes out to the ball and offers her one last pass to the club where he was born until the end of the year.

Given this option, Johnny Herrera He tried to give advice to one of his biggest rivals on the pitch. “There are a lot of players who want to continue playing soccer because they have nothing else. I don’t know what the reality will be. You have to be wise to abandon the race and start as best you can. I’m retiring almost at 40 and I’ve played the whole year at Everton, 32 games. I continued after leaving the U for not giving a liking to these roosters, due to a wish from my mother who told me to play, because it was what I liked the most. I did it, I was happy, I showed that I was there to continue and I retired. In my case it was to show that I was in good shape and that the people who were at the U were very wrong. Time proved me right, they all had to leave and left the U in a mess,” said former Todos goalkeeper Somos Tecnicos, of TNT Sports.

And he continued: “Paredes didn’t have as much continuity, he was injured. I think when he got promoted last year with Coquimbo it was a good minute. The physicist passes the count at 40 something, I am now playing a tennis match and I end up drowning. A month later and it’s expensive to restart the machine,” he reflected.

Moreover, he pointed out that “no one prepares you. I tried to prepare myself to do other things, support myself financially and support my son well. The footballer, where he usually has little education, is suspicious. They surround themselves with huones. The best example is Arturo Vidal, it happened in Zamorano with the sports city. At Everton I advised a couple to put money into an APV (Voluntary Pension Savings), for example.

Finally, he recalled that “at Everton, I had to see a reality very similar to a second or third team. I saw Colo Colo training in Argentina and everyone with gloves, everyone with windbreakers, just like they should be. It is difficult to move from one great team to another. 20 years ago at Corinthians there were no shoes, they pulled down a shelf and they had every possible model, something unthinkable in many clubs here today.

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