Key day: Colo Colo board meets to see reinforcements and decide Pablo Solari future ahead of US offer

The leaders of Blanco y Negro will meet this Thursday to analyze the formation of the team for the second half, where not only reinforcements will be played, but it will be decided whether or not to let El Pibe go. The key hours are coming.

Solari's eventual departure takes the lead at Colo Colo.
© An agency.Solari’s eventual departure takes the lead at Colo Colo.

Colo Colo lives key hours thinking about the formation of the team that will face the second half of 2022, where to shout champion of the National championship, defend the title in the Copa Chile and go as far as possible in the Copa Sudamericana They appear as the great objectives of Gustavo Quinteros and company.

For the moment, the Cacique has not set any reinforcement in this transfer market window, which could change from one today, Thursday, June 9, since the Blanco y Negro Board of Directors will have a meeting that should begin to define several points in this regard.

This is where the departure of Pablo Solari to Mexican America could be decisive. If the Pibe leaves, this forces him to look for a replacement, in addition to allowing a fourth addition to the squad in addition to the three allowed by the ANFP in its tournament regulationsNot to mention the influx of fresh capital to move more widely in this market.

The offer from the eagles is similar to that offered in January of this year, i.e. around four million dollars, which is why the final decision to sell it or not rests with the board of directorswho already have in their hands Quinteros’ wish that El Pibe stays at least until the end of the season.

“The administrators should clarify it. Over there the Mexican club makes a higher offer and there we depend on them. You have to be ready in case anything happens around Solari, if he leaves or stays. There’s a lot of things we need to think about and one of them is, if Solari leaves, what do we do with it? It doesn’t depend on me, because if it were up to me, he should stay, finish the season and go to Europe“warned the white strategist of the offseason in Argentina.

And the reinforcements? Those of the file are to be analyzed: Martin Rodriguez, Diego Rubio, Leandro Benegas, Ramiro González and either name that is registered.

Anyway, the formation of the squad enters key hours, not only with the new people who can arrive, but also because of the Solari affair, since the planning will change course if he leaves the establishment and forces the search for a replacement.

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