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The presentation of the first variant which will offer changes in visual effects and textures was not well received since it would have an exorbitant price.

The chromas they are a way to customize a LoL champion to the player’s liking by selecting an additional outfit, either for their base model or for a skin. Established in the system since Season 5, they have been advanced as options to be acquired with RP or Essence in the Essence Emporium. But now, after years, Riot Games will launch a new category that will mark a before and after with its additions.

DW Platypus, in charge of questions and answers in MOBA skinsannounced via Reddit the arrival of the Mythic chromas for legendary and related skins in the Knights of Ash line. These will have the particularity that, compared to the others that change textures, they will look new visual effects. The person in charge of throwing them will be Final Boss Veigarwhich will be enabled in patch 12.12 and for now you can take a look at his model on PBE.

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After the presentation, it seems that the community didn’t like the idea of ​​Mythic Chromas in LoL due to the fact that they come with a excessive price. Riot will set for each of them a costs 40 mythic essence and will only be sold through the store in which the aforementioned currency is used.

Consequently, the user besskat offered a calculation of the cost of the two elements (skin + Chroma), taking into account as a parameter the replacement of the 300 RP in the Prime Gaming capsules for 5 Mythical Essences. The final boss Veigar costs around 1820 RP and the bonus skin equivalency would be around 2400 RP, for a total of 4220 RP.

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On the other hand, Riot mentioned that Pyke and Pantheon, current members of the Knights of Ash line, will also have changes in the visual effects of their variants. awakening from the embers. While both match the cost of 40 Mythic Essence, it was added that those who purchase them now will receive the upgrades later this year. In any case, we will have to wait if there is a change in the value of this type of Chromas in LoL or at least a more affordable option to take advantage of them.

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