NASA celebrates the launch of the Nancy Grace Roman space telescope with a retro video game

NASA celebrates the launch of the Nancy Grace Roman space telescope with a retro video game

NASA celebrates the launch of the Roman Nancy Grace Space Telescope in the best retro style. He does this with a Space Invaders-like video game called Roman Space Observer.

His goal is to collect as many celestial objects as possible.

The Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope will launch in 2025, with a planned six-year mission to measure the effects of dark energy, the coherence of general relativity and the curvature of spacetime.

It is named after astronomer Nancy Grace Roman (1925-2018), one of the aerospace agency’s first female executives and known as the “mother of Hubble” for her role in designing the space telescope.

“The mission,” the agency explains, “will help us solve some of the deepest mysteries in astrophysics, like the evolution of the universe, its ultimate fate, and whether we’re alone.”

The telescope consists of three anastigmatic mirrors, with a diameter of 2.4 meters. It will remain in the Sun-Earth L2 orbit.

Here’s NASA’s Nancy Grace Roman Telescope Video Game

In the NASA video game, which can be tested in the following link, the user manipulates the telescope, which is a group of blue squares with which celestial objects are collected.

The soundtrack is a retro and classic 8-bit video game.

The user scrolls the keyboard with the arrow keys, by pressing the spacebar to collect the items in just one minute.

These range from galaxies to exoplanets – all must be captured by the telescope to earn points.

“With the ever-changing loop of popular trends, 8-bit retro-style games have made a strong comeback in the game industry,” notes NASA. “Younger generations now love games that older generations still enjoy.”

“This game is intended to entertain players across a wide variety of interests and abilities, while raising awareness of the Nancy Grace Roman Telescope and the fantastic science it will uncover.”

“Our goal for this game is to inform and inspire players about the amazing cosmic objects in our universe and what Roman can see in a fun and engaging way.

As defined by CNET, “the game is a celebration of the future of astronomy as a tribute to our video game past.”

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