New tracks!  Vanessa Daroch insists that Michael Jackson is alive

Warning light vanessa daroch continues to generate expectations after Friday in Podemos Hablar claimed that michael jackson He is alive and will appear soon, a prediction that certainly left no one indifferent. As if that were not enough, this week he delivered new statements on the subject.

michael jackson he’s alive… And I’m going to look crazy and they’re going to say ‘but they showed the body’. investigate. He is alive, “they told the CHV show, which shocked Jean Philippe Cretton and launched him – now – the invitation to return to the show once the King of Pop appeared.

vanessa daroch insisted on her prediction this week, when she was a guest on the show Jose Miguel Vinuela on Instagram, From my kitchen with Nené, in collaboration with Nené Vilches.

vanessa darcoh

“I am a fan of Michael Jackson, a fanatic. And I’m not making this statement for all that I want it to be. “Oh, I wish he were alive”… But if you start to investigate, you realize, don’t stick to the first thing that appears in a source, and there are many that also made comparisons, where Michael Jackson’s body never showed,” the seer explained.

At that moment, Viñuela intervened, remembering that he had covered the singer’s funeral and indeed “never showed up”. “I was in Los Angeles. I was standing in the doorway of the Staples Center. A caravan came, about 20 of these giant, Land Rover, tinted pickup trucks.”

“There was one parked inside, a door opens and a gold coffin comes out. Michael Jackson’s coffin is a gold coffin. But It has never been opened or shown to the public.” assured.

Michael Jackson: The Delay of the Ambulance

Another detail in the repair vanessa daroch it’s that “the people who were following the ambulance… Besides, he was supposed to be at home. He felt bad, but the ambulance took a long time to get to the house and then leave. They took a long time. This no longer meets emergency protocols.

“There are videos where they show the same ambulance arriving, like through a back door of a hospital, and Michael Jackson descends. They told everything, so they would go get the videos,” the seer said.

Faced with this information, Viñuela asked if the artist was going on foot “at the very moment when we learned that he was dead?”.

“At the same time. It’s the same ambulance. And if you look, the funeral, which took place in a beautiful park, closed, with the family and nothing else, has been broadcast, but there are discrepancies in the transmission where it is possible to grasp that it is not a live transmission, but a recording that it is modified”, he added to give more intrigue to the death of the musical idol.

Vanessa Daroch: “It was prepared”

Finally, he said that “the body that fled, as if they had taken it in secret, Michael Jackson’s height, weight and facial features don’t match. Nobody showed any DNA. The family at the funeral laughs. There are the pictures. There are times when the cameras catch them crying, but then the cameras pan around and they come out laughing,” he warned.

“Michael Jackson’s songs say he’s going to disappear, but he’s not going to die. Investigate… This was prepared in advance. He needed to disappear. I will not give you more precise data, medical tests. But I tell them to investigate, to get started. It’s hard to believe, but it’s not impossible, because other people have already done it, famous people. investigate. And I know that, little by little, all this truth will come to light,” he concluded.

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