Qatar's Al Rayyan lifts his target and goes with everything to secure the signing of Arturo Vidal

Although Arturo Vidal’s fate was signed to Flamengo from Brazil, the Chilean midfielder’s future has a scenario with a lot more money on the table. Qatar’s Al Rayyan isn’t giving up on having the Inter Milan player and has doubled the lead to win the Golden Generation mainstay contest.

While the player is enjoying his vacation after the end of the season, his destiny is being written thousands of kilometers from Chile, where In recent days, Vidal was seen sharing with his family and training at a well-known gym in Las Condes.

And it is that the Asian team has been following in the footsteps of the former Juventus and Barcelona midfielder for weeks. Once his departure from Inter Milan was confirmed, his friend James Rodríguez, the great figure of the team led by the Chilean Nicolás Córdova He sounded out the options of having the midfielder.

That’s how I said it a few days ago Jockwhen the option of going to the Middle East was just beginning to take shape. At 35 (he turned them on May 22), the footballer lives at the crossroads between the sporting challenge and the millions of the Qatari team.

Al Rayyan’s first offer included a one-year contract, with the option of another season. A link that represented a income of just over $6 million, half of what the Colombian receives in the club which will give up its ground for Monday’s duel between Peru and Australia.

Now the Qatari team raised their target. The sheikhs who manage the club want to reach the large Asian football market and are ready to offer Vidal a two-year contract.

Not only that, but also a big salary increase than in the new proposal is looking at around $8 million every 365 days, very close to the salary he has at Inter Milan until June 30.

Much more than the almost $5 million he can reach per year, in terms of incentives and prize money, if he goes for Mengao, the most popular club in Brazil.

“Al Rayyan’s offer is very important. At the moment, Arturo Vidal is seriously thinking about listening to what they have to offer the Asian club, ”says someone close to the player.

After June 30, Inter Milan has a termination clause in the athlete’s contract which, strictly speaking, ends on June 30, 2023. In this scenario, the two-time champion of America will receive compensation close to of $4.5 million.

However, it was not all fun for the Chilean footballer, who had to get fully involved in the lawsuit he filed against his cousin. The national team made a presentation on April 21 in which it accused Carlos Albornoz Pardor torts of unfair administration and sham contract.

The damage caused They are valued at around five million dollars., and include transfers of goods that the steering wheel claims it never authorized. In addition to numerous requests for credits where the footballer appears on bail.

A familiar theme which, in addition, has fully impacted the finances of the former Bayern Munich. A scenario that, in a way, could tip the scales for the most expensive offer. Everything remains to be seen.

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