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More than 360 Chilean players were motivated for the first call launched by XLEVEL, the “Gamecenter” which is already finalizing the details of its inauguration, in Santiago de Chile.

Together with Rocket League and Valorant, the “xseries” promise players a total prize pool of 2 million pesos, as well as the possibility of joining the next esports club that XLEVEL will create.

Community broadcasts

With pitcher Camila “Boax” Hernández, the organization will begin coverage of this competition and it will last until June 26, in a face-to-face final, where pitchers and runners-up will compete in the hall, which will be open for this chance.

The first round is visible this June 8 on the Boaxttv Twitch channel.

The second round will take place on Tuesday, June 14 at 9:00 p.m., during which XLEGOD and MARUROCKETS will take the reins of an intense casting call, on their respective channels. This beautiful team will be resumed on June 17, at the same time, on the same channel (!).

Community castings will end on June 22 at 9:00 p.m., with Boax and Marurockets doing their thing.

As for Rocket League, Felipe “PIPEA13G” will be cast on the Rocket League side.


The concept has been worked on by the team led by Nicolás Carvajal, executive producer of the project (also responsible – among other things – for the Nexoplay television signal, the gestation of Liga Samsung, among other initiatives in the field), which “have ‘a space of 650 square meters, more than 35 state-of-the-art consoles – all brands combined – as well as 10 high-performance computers with RTX cards and 144Hz screens”.

The initial investment exceeds 170 million pesos and is committed to becoming one of the places of play for the southern cone.

Although not renowned, “we designed an experience in which amateur players and even professional teams responded, highlighting Movistar Optix, LeviatanGG Academy, CuyEsports in its women’s division, which shows us the connotation that this initiative has been taken,” the operator said.

But the promise of the gamecenter is not only to seek out “pro gamers”.

“We want to generate experiences for communities, and we understand that today gamers range from infancy to the elderly. For this, our team is working on a grid and an offer to the taste of gamers, young and old. That’s why we call it ‘The Secret Level’, and players will surely know what we mean.

“We will unveil news on June 22, where you will be able to learn in detail about our offer for the various gamer communities, in which we will come across online instances, as well as face-to-face in the premises”, has decreed the producer. by X-LEVEL.

The invitation is to follow the gamecenter on social networks, to have first-hand information and to be part of the revelation of #ElNivelSecreto.

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