The new Chilean world champion vents: "It lacks actions, more than congratulations"

Last Tuesday, the national sport enjoyed one of the most relevant triumphs of the year. chilean boxer Daniela Asenjo (31), consecrated International Boxing Organization World Super Flyweight Champion (IBO), after beating the American Casey Morton. The ‘Leona’ imposed itself on the cards of the North American, in a fight which was played at the Prestige Fight, in Paris.

Only a few days after the fight, Asenjo answers the phone for As. He anticipates that he couldn’t even sleep and that he had an accident in the hours following the victory: “Yesterday evening (Tuesday), I had to go through. We finished the event after two in the morning and supposedly caught an early morning flight. I haven’t slept because I was looking at the messages, trying to reply to all the messages. Now I had a complication with the flight and maybe I will travel this Thursday.

However, nothing hides the feat of his title, which has repositioned boxing in the headlines in our country: “I am very happy, a little tired, but happy with the work that has been done and also to have given joy to everyone. who vibrates with boxing in the country, which is not a minor number. This victory comes at a very powerful time, when it seemed like boxing was a little down. I hope that this victory will encourage the authorities to take a little more interest in the sport of fists.

– How did you manage the anxiety before such an important fight?

– I think all athletes who face a case like this have a little anxiety. But I handled it well. The fact that it was in another country, and having been alone with Alejandro (coach and partner), gave me peace of mind that we were risking everything for ourselves, but also knowing that there was a lot of eyes watching from Chile, we did not leave that aside, which is a responsibility.

– Last April, he fought Maribel Ramírez for the World Boxing Association belt. Unfortunately, he failed to win, after a controversial decision from the judges. Didn’t that put extra pressure on you?

– Yes, the truth is that I thought so. More than pressure, I felt like I had to go in and knock Casey out. I think the anxiety worked against me a bit, because I threw everything with power and I got more tired than in previous fights. But I looked for it at all times, I didn’t want to arrive at the judges’ decision.

– And before Casey Morton, what was the strategy?

– My last fight with Maribel was strategically more technical, going in, going out, hitting, scoring points. In Casey’s case, I knew I had to go another route, look for more power, not let him figure out his fight strategy. It finally turned out that way. He didn’t have to let her think. I think she was dislocated and didn’t know how to recover.

– Do you see this victory as a revenge for what happened in April?

– Yes, I see it as a second chance. Like I said before, if it didn’t come out in the first, maybe it would come out now in the second, or the third, or the fourth. It didn’t matter. As long as there is the desire to continue to fight, you have to fight for it. Obviously, it costs after a failure like the one we had against Maribel. But I remember after that fight on Monday I was already training in the gym again and I was sure they were going to contact us to fight Casey. Fighting in an event like Prestige is a great platform and allows you to open up other horizons. I already have proposals for fights in other countries like Australia, Spain, or even France, which allows me to expand my career.

Daniela Asenjo celebrates her world title after the judges' decision.


Daniela Asenjo celebrates her world title after the judges’ decision.

A few days ago, As spoke with Martín Vargas. He wished you success and underlined that you had all the conditions to be world champion. What do you think of his words?

– It is a formidable national reference. His words are always well received, because he is someone who has a lot of experience in this field. I really appreciate anything you can say for me. I have a very good relationship with Professor Martín, he supported me. He was even in the fight against Maribel.

“I have the impression that the country is still behind in this area. It’s a slap on the ears of the authorities, not only to help me, but for all athletes.”

Daniela Asenjo, about the zero economic contribution she receives

– In a note from last year, he told us that he had hardly received any dues, beyond some Valdivian companies. Is the situation still the same today?

– In this regard, I would like to thank Valdivian companies such as Ferretería Sur, Puritan Supermarkets, Guacolda Confecciones and Cleto Reyes Chile, who are my sponsors and have supported me. And yes, I have the impression that the country is still lagging behind in this area. It’s a slap on the ears of the authorities, not only to help me, but for all athletes. It is time for the work we do to be recognized. We are examples for future generations. We are a positive role model.

– Did an authority call you to congratulate you after your triumph?

– Some through social networks have made their support felt, but here I am very critical. I think we need to start doing more than congratulating or praising. It lacks actions, more than congratulations.

– What are your next challenges?

– Now arrived in Valdivia, I will continue to work, to train, I do not leave the gym, because I like to be always ready, always in shape. We have proposals for the future, nothing concrete, but we must be ready for any opportunity. Next June 25 we will have an international boxing evening, with professionals and amateurs, which will have an important space. My objective also goes there: to continue to promote boxing at the local, regional and national level. On that day there will be competitors from Argentina, Santiago, Concepción, Chiloé, the Los Ríos region, in short, from different clubs. We continue to work for boxing.

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