Eduardo Berizzo, en un entrenamiento de la Selección.

Eduardo Berizzo is in Japan with the national team. At dawn in Chile this Friday, the Reds team made its debut in the Kirin Cup, against Tunisia. This will be the second review of the national team by the coach after the defeat against South Korea, although, certainly, the attention will be on another topic. In a few hours, Chile will know for sure if they will qualify for the World Cup by administrative means. For the first working hours of this Friday, it is expected that the opinion of the FIFA Disciplinary Unit will be known regarding the complaint of improper use of Byron Castillo by Ecuador in the last Qualifiers. This sentence can radically change the course of the former Celta, Paraguay and O’Higgins coach’s process. And, finally, in agreement with the bet he made by agreeing to take over the national bench, replacing Martín Lasarte.

Berizzo is also one of the main players in the verdict. He knows that a crucial step in his career depends on what the FIFA first instance court will decide and, fundamentally, on an option that was played out when certainties were few. The strategist assumes that if the Reds go to the World Cup with him on the bench, his status will change considerably. In other words, he will make a new leap, along a path that began as an assistant to Marcelo Bielsa and which has given significant signs of progress and autonomy in the search for his own style. But it will also confirm the intuition he had when accepting the proposal of the ANFP board of directors, led by Pablo Milad: that Chile had enough evidence to prove the irregularities and therefore were much closer to the World Cup than assumed.

We are awaiting FIFA’s decision, paying particular attention to it. In case it takes us to the next World Cup, our times will be shortened and if not, we will work with more time, but we look forward to FIFA’s future decision on this.“, he declared, in fact, as a prelude to the duel against the Africans.

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Eduardo Berizzo, in training with the national team.

El Toto is constantly worried about the evolution of the case. Almost daily, he checks the news related to the process which, from the legal point of view, is managed by the Brazilian lawyer Eduardo Carlezzo. The president of Chilean football and the sports director of the national teams, Francis Cagigao, is one of his main interlocutors and, therefore, those who have passed on the information they receive.. He found out the rest through what the media reports about background information that is emerging and, by the way, through the jurist’s public appearances, such as the one on Tuesday, in which he extensively presented the information that had been led to the conviction that Ecuador had committed serious misconduct.

Internally, Berizzo also feels part of the process belongs to him. Basically because he was a crucial contributor to the start of the controversy. It was he, in fact, who alerted Martín Lasarte to the suspicions he already had when he led Paraguay. And it was from this indication, which was belatedly interpreted by the Chilean leaders, in a negligence to which Carlezzo alluded in his thesis as the key to the development of the conflict, that the investigations and the process that began led to its end, at least as far as those first charged with judging it are concerned. “I try to stay away from it all. At the time, we got the data. Someone from Paraguay told us and I warned Patricio Jerez. I believe they (Paraguay) also claimed at the time. I raised the issue and the complaint came to nothing, they told me it had no basis. You had to respect certain schedules that FIFA gives you to file a complaint, it was a procedure”, expressed the predecessor of Berizzo to Juan Pinto Durán, reporting on the information he had received from his colleague.

Berizzo, during a press conference, as a Chilean coach.

For the coach, the disciplinary decision of FIFA is also essential to the progress of his process. Without the World Cup, his management’s focus would be on finding talent to replace the golden generation. In fact, an eloquent sign in this sense is that of the group that has given Chilean football the most satisfaction in its history, only Gary Medel is present on the Asian tour. Berizzo clarified that it’s not about gratitude, it’s about performance and explained the key role the Pitbull plays in how he intends to give back to the team he leads. “It’s a great pressure mover. If the team pressed even with 10 in the rival field, it was thanks to the spirit of pushing that Gary engaged his teammates and launched them forward“, he detailed after the defeat against South Korea, to try to draw positive conclusions from a fall which occurred in full respect of his footballing principles. Before the game against Tunisia, he reinforced the idea of

However, with La Roja already qualified for the World Cup, the picture could change drastically for the coach, who will have to seriously evaluate the possibility of including the referents of the historical squad who continue to show validity. And, in this scenario, the names of Arturo Vidal, Alexis Sánchez and Charles Aránguiz become relevant again, although the big decision will be the one that will have to be adopted on the porch, given that in its original planning the only name of this barred group was that of Claudio Bravo.

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