The University of Chile embroiders a star with tennis player Sebastian Korda wearing his shirt

University of Chile

The young American tennis player broke it on social media wearing the romantic traveler’s jersey as he headed to the Halle ATP, where Cristian Garin will also participate, and from the CDA they reacted with joy. But who was responsible for this striking union?

The American tennis player went to the Halle ATP with the clothes of the Romantic Traveler.
© CaptureThe American tennis player went to the Halle ATP with the clothes of the Romantic Traveler.

University of Chile lives a few days ago the beginning of the it was Diego Lopez as technical director of the club and the Uruguayan is working with everything with his managers thinking about what his first match will be against General Velásquez for the Chilean Cupwhere they will have a special fan supporting them from Germany: tennis player Sebastian Korda.

The romantic traveler is due to visit the St. Vincentian team on Sunday, June 19, with Rancagua as the new venue, and the 21-year-old American tennis player surely what will be the meeting will follow. Or at least that’s how we could understand it after having recently surprised on their social networks by wearing the clothes of the club.

Just like that, world number 38 in the ATP Rankings caught the attention of blue fans with a photo on Instagram heading to his next challenge on the circuit, the Halle tournament in Germany where will he be Christian Garinwearing the pink t-shirt of the U.

It didn’t take long for the image to arrive on this side of the world and Chuncho’s fans were happy with the new international representative they have, and of the Blue Sports Center could not be left out and they responded fascinated.

“And our new fan? The 38th tennis player in the Ranking, Sebastian Korda, posed with our nice jersey during his trip to the Halle ATP”, they began to celebrate on the social networks of the U.

However, immediately after at CDA, they embroidered a star with their new fan and they celebrated with everything. “Without a doubt, a romantic traveler“, they pointed.

But the big doubt that instantly arises for many is: What is Sebastian Korda doing with the University of Chile shirt? And the answer is in the same image as that shared by the tennis player, since his physiotherapist, the Chilean Stefano Gazzana, drives the vehicle alongside him.

The national kinesiologist worked in 2019 with the Colombian tennis player Nicolás Mejía and now he travels the world and works with Sebastian Korda. In his Instagram account there are several recordings which clearly indicate that he is a fan of U and it was more than likely him who transferred his blue love to the American tennis player.

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