The unknown meeting between Pablo Milad and Gianni Infantino for the Byron Castillo affair which troubled the ANFP

Almost two weeks ago, the presidents of the various football federations around the world met in Paris, officially invited to testify European Champions League finalbetween Real Madrid and Liverpool, which the meringues won.

One of the participants was Pablo Milad, helmsman of the ANFP. The curicano wanted to solve the arrival of Eduardo Berizzo in the Chilean team before heading to the Old Continent. So that was it. A few days after Toto’s confirmation at La Roja, the Chilean soccer boss traveled to the French capital.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino was also present in the historic city, which visited Chile in October last year during his tour of South America. On this occasion, the highest authority in world football established a good relationship with the owner of the Quilín headquarters.

Like hope era, both Milad like Infantino met in Paris, in the middle of the meetings between the directives of the Conmebol and the UEFA to generate a mutual collaboration plan, in which the South American selections will show the possibility of judging with the European potency , and vice versa. A sort of League of Nations, but intercontinental.

According to the ANFP, it was then that the helmsman took the opportunity to ask the Swiss-Italian lawyer, in private, how things were going for Chile, in connection with the complaint filed by the Chilean Federation. (FFCh) against Ecuador for the Byron Castillo case.

The response made the former director of Curicó Unido uncomfortable, as Gianni Infantino pointed out that All this time, he had preferred not to know anything so as not to get involved in any way, because it was a very sensitive issue, for which he had no information on how the decision would be made. , whether favorable or detrimental to the claims. of the headquarters of Quilin.

In the governing body of Chilean football, they reveal that Milad was worriedbecause he understood thathis subject has caused a lot of unease within the International Federationmainly, because the World Cup in Qatar was already drawn and the disqualification of an already qualified team tarnished the competition, whether the sanction matched or not.

Moreover, whatever the decision, the aggrieved country will appeal the resolution and then, surely, everything will be decided at the CAS. FIFA is very concerned about this aspect, as there is no absolute certainty as to how much time may pass before there is a final resolution. In fact, they put themselves in the worst scenario: that the deadlines force, in an extreme case, to postpone the World Cup again, which would be embarrassing for the highest entity.

These feelings that the president of the association brought from Europe were one of the reasons why the lawyer Eduardo Carlezzo and the ANFP opted for publicly display the results of your searcheswho managed to collect a lot of convincing evidence that Byron Castillo is Colombian and not Ecuadorian and that he is even three years older than his documents indicate.

However, beyond personal perceptions and world press speculation regarding the decision that FIFA will announce in the coming hours, at Quilín headquarters, they are confident that the weight of background information compiled by Carlezzo will ultimately prevail in this media affair.

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