This is the model with which Colo Colo recruited two Uruguayan promises

While Colo Colo performs the offseason in Buenos Aires, the sports management of Blanco y Negro has agreed on the arrival of a new Uruguayan promise: Pablo da Silveira (18), midfielder who will be loaned for two months.

The footballer will arrive in Santiago on June 21. “Here we do paperwork and everything you need to travel to Chile », says Sebastián Caraballo, the player’s representative. And he jokes: “Especially the ‘mevacuno’ document, which hurts my head (laughs)”. Pablo da Silveira Sr. will also arrive in the country.

Caraballo is owned by TeamSportTalent, the same agency that handled the stay of Alan Saldivia, a Uruguayan centre-back on loan at Colo Colo who traveled to Argentina with the first team on Monday. Players joined Pablo Solari and Ervin Vaca as members of a compelling system in Macul.

“We are happy, it’s a great experience for the boys,” says the agent. Both youngsters came from Montevideo City Torque. Saldivia will be, at least, until December and Da Silveira will play his luck.

– How was the possibility of bringing in Saldivia and Da Silveira conceived?

– I send videos without obligation, like everyone else. Then I send full matches where the clubs can see the boys well. They analyze and decide whether the player is traveling or not.

– Who do you send the videos to?

– At Colo Colo youth football and there they make the decision with (Daniel) Morón, who has the last word.

– Do you have experience in this area? I imagine it’s not easy to be heard by Colo Colo, given the huge number of proposals he receives…

– Actually, we are a small company. We have Uruguayan boys and a couple from abroad. Sometimes we act as an intermediary with a pass option, but we already have our own players. I have been working in football for a long time and I have relationships with many Chilean colleagues.

– Is it better for young people to come to Chile to play in Uruguayan football?

– Here in Uruguay, it is difficult for a boy to make his debut and sometimes he gets lost in the last stage. There they have the opportunity to be cadets, to train in the first division, to travel and to be constantly seen. This is another motivation for them. And I also think it’s great everywhere because the club is buying cheap now (Pablo) Solari almost sold it for four million dollars six months ago. It’s a very good bet.

– Do you think it should be replicated by other clubs?

– Sounds good to me. Colo Colo makes a good bet with this system that he has, to take young boys and promote them there. It’s a great opportunity. It’s good and quite attractive. Pablo has two more years to grow at the club, if all goes well as he has to pass the test first.

– How would you describe Pablo Da Silveira?

– He’s a smart boy, he hits with both legs and plays more than ’10’. It has spectacular conditions. The best is the hit and the filtered passes.

– Have you written a lot to the player?

. Too many people. He can’t respond to everyone, but he has received support and is happy. Some made a mistake and wrote to the father, who bears the same name (laughs). He called me to ask me if I knew something and had nothing to do with it. We laugh.

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