What is Honor Ram Turbo technology?  The advantages of having a smartphone with Virtual Ram

The mobile device company HONOR will launch this June 9 in Chile the HONOR X8 and X7, phones of its X Series line, equipped with advanced Virtual Ram technology, among other features.

For many people, having a high-performance phone is essential to carry out their daily activities, as it has become a necessary tool for the different aspects of digital life, such as communication, entertainment, work or consumption. of content.

For this reason, having state-of-the-art equipment with this type of specific characteristics and superior performance has become a necessity for consumers, regardless of the range, category or price of the smartphone.

In this sense, HONOR, an Asian brand of mobile devices, has launched its new line of HONOR X Series smartphones, equipped with the new Ram Turbo technology, which allows you to open more than 16 applications simultaneously without losing speed.

In conversation with BioBioChile, David Moheno, Director of Public Relations for HONOR in Latin Americaexplained that this new generation of phones will allow the user to have a better experience, performance and speed.

What is HONOR Ram Turbo Technology?

What sets these smartphones apart from the competition is the new HONOR Ram Turbo technology, which, thanks to artificial intelligence, allows the mobile device to take a partition of two gigabytes of the Rom storage memory for the use as Ram memory.

With this mechanism, the team adopts the ability to compress up to three times the information of applications and thus obtain the possibility of keeping more than 16 applications open in the background.

The HONOR expert explained that this new function will make it possible to have a high-performance smartphone. “Simply put, if I’m constantly switching apps, chances are they’ll all close, losing where we left off,” he said.

“Instead, with this Virtual Ram technology, we’ll be able to keep those apps open in the background, staying exactly where we left them before moving on to another,” Moheno pointed out.

This functionality is completely automatic and does not require user intervention in the configuration and does not affect the proper functioning of the equipment.

Honor Ram Turbo

Difference of this processor with others in the market

This range of mobile phones includes notable differences with other smartphones available in the market that have other virtual Ram technologies and mainly stands out for its high functionality and three times higher compression capacity.

According to the expert, “the configuration is automatic, because it is based on artificial intelligence and the user does not have to choose whether to use one or two gigabytes of virtual RAM, he only has to dedicate to enjoying its benefits”.

“These extra two gigabytes of Ram is a dedicated partition, that means it only allows to locate this function within that specific partition, without spending the rest of the memory that we can use for photos, contacts, documents and many other things,” he said. the HONOR expert.

“The compression technology available in these mobile devices is three times better than what exists in the industry. With less virtual RAM, but with greater compression, this allows us to keep several applications open, ranging from social networks, e-commerce, browsers, to other more demanding ones such as video games”, he said. -he rocks.

Anti-aging technology and other attributes

This June 9, HONOR X Series devices will be launched in the Chilean market, including the HONOR X8, which has an ultra-thin and light design, weighing 177 grams and measuring 7.45 millimeters thick.

The HONOR X8 has an immersive display and 1.2 millimeter pixels that are about the thickness of a credit card. Moreover, it has a 64-megapixel quad-camera system and an AI-powered night mode.

It also has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 processor, achieving 12% power savings, “this means that with a thinner and lighter body, but with a higher processor, we can have better battery performance “, said Moheno.

On the other hand, HONOR X Series phones have a feature that prevents the mobile device from aging abruptly for a long time.

“It’s an anti-aging engine that allows the team to stay active for 36 months without significant degradation. With this technology, we can enjoy a problem-free product for three years”, assured the director.

Honor Ram Turbo

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