"Why don't you cut your egg...?"  : ME-O confesses to romantic request to Karen Doggenweiler

Marco Enriquez-Ominami he left behind the polemics in politics to give free rein to the themes of love and remembered the determined, but not very subtle way he had to conquer his wife Karen Doggenweiler.

As said on the podcast I worry about you”, He had to insist for a long time to convince the TVN host to accept the multiple invitations he made to her, from the first day they exchanged glances when they met in a television studio.

ME-O claimed that it was in an interview they did in the morning “Hello everyone”, to promote the series “Life is a lottery”, that they met personally and had the first crush. . But, as he tells it, he had to insist more than in his campaigns to be President of the Republic.

“She was dressed in red and black, which are the colors of the MIR (Revolutionary Left Movement). I told him Hey, you’re dressed like a revolutionary, did you notice?. She answered of course, because you came. I was very impressed“, he remembers about the flirtation that was established between the two.

Later, during a commercial break, the filmmaker said he asked her out, but she didn’t return his calls for a year. “After 300 calls, he never wanted”, confessed the former presidential candidate, who the following year returned to the morning to promote the second season of the series. Opportunity where he went straight to the point.

somehow i told him Why don’t you cut your egg and accept my invitation? because with a year of phone mailbox I think I’ve persevered enough,” he said, finally receiving a positive response and they made an appointment the next day.

“We are going to get married”

But the audacity of the eternal candidate did not stop there, since during the first outing to eat, he told her that they would be husband and wife.

The first night I tell her I need to meet your mother. He tells me because?, and i say because we’re getting married.” confessed, acknowledging that it was aSeductive scratch”. “I told him that for this to happen I have to meet my future mother-in-law first” and he replied ‘you are crazy? How dare you ask me that?‘” he pointed.

Ultimately, “I ended up having lunch at a Peruvian restaurant with what is now my mother-in-law. She had been a socialist, very pro-MIR, hyper-progressive, hyper-intelligent and acute. Silvia Lapuente is a rock star. I admire him”, recognized the idol and husband of Karen Doggenweiler.

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