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When advertisements not so long ago talked about Dad’s toy store, they referred to tools, drills and lawnmowers, the utensils that everyone paternal families Full-fledged, strong, and skilled, he was to own and run his household smoothly. Some stores continue to appeal to this audience and this concept, but make no mistake: today’s parents’ toy store is not very different from that of their teenagers: there are plenty of tablets, wireless headphones, video games, consoles or any digital device that separates him for a few hours from his responsibilities, isolates him from the world and nestles him in the pleasant virtual dimension.

Based on the products we’ve tried, expert recommendations, and user feedback, we’ve compiled a list of nine tech gifts that could make any digital dad happy. Some are expensive, some are even more expensive, but many are also reasonably priced. good day of the father!

What they say is coming, the next phase of the internet, the inevitable evolution of online socializing, is virtual reality. Didn’t they say the same thing second life over a decade ago? Yes, but now things are supposed to be serious. Otherwise, Mark Zuckerberg himself, founder and owner of Facebook, would not be behind its revitalization. Anyway, if this new revolution comes, let it catch us with the right glasses to watch it. And if your dad is one of those who camped outside the Apple Store before a new iPhone was launched, surely the Oculus Quest 2 – essentially a glasses-shaped console, which connects to the internet and where you can install and play video games and applications – you will receive them with completely real, not virtual joy.

Here we lower expectations. Not because it’s a bad tablet – in fact, at its price, it’s hard to beat – but because it won’t take us to other stages of online interaction nor will make us simulate new realities. It’s just a tablet, but very comfortable, with an interesting screen and very light weight (less than half a kilo). “While its camera, storage and internal features aren’t state-of-the-art, it has a long battery life and good performance that makes up for its low price,” writes our specialist columnist Alejandro Alaluf. Perfect for watching videos, series and movies, also for reading and video calling.

Among the best we tested last year were these Sennheiser headphones. Not because they are of the highest range and with maximum fidelity, but because their quality/price ratio is one of the best on the market. It is an intermediate version but at an entry level, very light (125 g), with a great battery (up to 25 hours of autonomy) and above average sound. “It has good definition in the details, which represents a good leap in quality in listening from mobile phones and computers”, concluded our expert Nicolás Violani. A music-loving dad, or who spends a good part of the day in telemeetings, will receive them with open ears.

for dads technicians who also like to read — but read books or papers or posts, not just Twitter or football news – the best combination ever created on this earth is the e-reader or reading light. A light, small and simple gadget that is only good for one thing and one thing only: reading texts. Unlike mobile phones, tablets or PCs, its screen does not emit its own light and therefore does not strain the eyes, and unlike books, it weighs next to nothing, does not take up space and trees are not cut down for produce them. The reading light par excellence remains the Kindle and its tactile version is the most practical of all.

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If your dad is more sophisticated and picky, and he’s looking for headphones that not only listen well and are comfortable, but also stick in the ear like a tick, tiny like an olive, with smart noise cancellation and a algorithm that adapts to your behaviors—not to mention a directed microphone for calls, touch control, and a super battery—then you have no choice but to give it the Sony WF -1000XM4, the Japanese brand’s latest matte hit as in-ear headphones wireless headphones

Less expensive but with interesting performance is this small speaker from the Ultimate Ears brand. The best, according to the specialized site Wire cutter, in terms of portable, wireless and Bluetooth devices. If you shouldn’t expect an enveloping or deep sound — it measures no more than 10cm by 9cm —, for outdoor moments or situations where comfort takes precedence over quality, the Wonderboom model does not have lots of competition. Its battery lasts ten hours continuously, it is waterproof and shockproof and its shape is more than flirtatious.

There are techno but old school dads, who are wary of new things and prefer to stay in the comfort of nostalgia. And what was once musical sacrilege — listening to music on a compressed, immaterial mp3 player — is today almost experienced as an act of resistance against the empire of diffusion and its low quality. If so, there are still devices like these on the market, now they’re not battery-powered – they’re charged via USB – and with several gigabytes of capacity. One of the most reliable is this Sony Walkman, with 4 GB of storage and a battery life of 23 hours.

Ayayai, high fidelity. A journey to perfect sound that never ends and that leaves a trail of money and delicate infrastructure very little valued by the rest of society along the way. 100 thousand peso cables? 500 thousand peso players? Million speakers? You wouldn’t understand. As we have said here, carrying out this religious experience is difficult and very costly, but it is possible to advance gradually and without mortgaging the house. A good starting point are these active Edifier speakers which, in addition to looking good, deliver interesting sound, allow the connection of analog equipment but also Bluetooth devices, and have bass and treble controls.

The market for smartbands is becoming gigantic, with traditional and new, prestigious and alternative brands all vying for a niche that until recently seemed non-existent: that of people who want to see the time but also measure their body activity. Recently the Oppo brand arrived in Chile, yet another Chinese company, which landed with an interesting smartband, elegant in its design, very comfortable, at a good price and used to measure how much we walk, run or sleep. We tried it a while ago and it seems highly recommended for anxious parents and infomaniacs.

*Prices for products in this item are updated as of June 9, 2022. Values ​​and availability may change.

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