Beto Cuevas CRITICIZES the municipality of Concepcion to FINANCE a young artist Penquista "He does NOT CRIME, he makes MUSIC"

Multiple reactions generated the fine and continuous inspections that affected the street singer Yordan Matamala, in the Pedestrian Promenade of the penquista center. The artist had a prominent appearance in The Voice, CHV’s talent competition. His “trainer”, Beto Cuevas, realized what had happened and said that “how is it possible that the authorities of Concepción are persecuting a talented young man (…) He does not commit a crime, He makes music”.

Yordan said that for him “the streets have been the best school”. That’s why he wanted to continue singing in Barros Arana, between Aníbal Pinto and Colo Colo. However, his presentation was interrupted by carabinieri and staff from the municipality of Concepción who tried to fine him for using a loudspeaker.

The incident happened amid increased inspections in the city’s downtown core. Yordan shared what happened on social media and commented to that “all this saddens me, because Concepción is a city called the cradle of rock, where there is music. There is even a logo with a guitar on it, but they don’t let artists sing in the street.” The one who paid him the most attention was his “coach” on The Voice, which followed the news of Santiago.

Beto Cuevas questioned the authorities of Concepción

Beto Cuevas said that “there are some things that are very difficult for me to understand, to understand. How is it possible that the authorities in Concepción are persecuting a talented young man like Yordan Matamala, who is bringing culture to the streets? He makes a very successful participation in The Voice Chile representing Concepción, precisely with his talent, with his voice.

The singer added that what Yordan does on the Paseo Pedestrian “is culture. It’s something wonderful happening to him as a young street artist, but also for the region of Concepción. He regretted “seeing how there are authorities and people constantly persecuting him for just showing up with his speakerphone, delivering music to people.”

He added that “these are the things that I really cannot understand that continue to happen in our country and in this case in Concepción. That is why I speak out and join the thousands of people who will surely be agreement with me in this case. I give my full support to Yordan and this is precisely the example that we must set for young people. He does not commit a crime, he makes music, he sings, he brings joy to the people of his city. I hope that the people and authorities of Concepción are listening to me at this time and can echo the words that I leave.

The municipality explained that there are “music points”

Faced with what was denounced by the singer of the Paseo Pedestrian, the municipality of Concepción told that “precisely to protect the spaces of artists and comply with environmental regulations that protect against noise, the Culture Department has generated the so-called ‘Music Points’. These are centrally defined locations, coinciding with the places usually chosen by artists. They are regulated so that anyone who wants to work there registers there and the only restriction is not to use loudspeakers.” They added that they had invited the center’s street singers to contact the Department of Culture, located in the basement of the building.

You don’t want to damage your voice

Faced with the impossibility of using a loudspeaker, Yordan explained that I know that “there is a permit that you can take, but without any amplification. It’s useless, it would hurt us. We would have to force our vocal cords, sing in the cold. It’s not practical for those of us who live by our voices.

The penquista singer affirmed that he will continue to prepare and train to advance in the CHV star. His next presentation will take place this Sunday, with a battle with his teammate

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