Discover the influence of mobile technology in the operational improvements of your company

The diverse and dynamic way in which the benefits of mobile technology are impacting communication in the workplace makes its absence evident; Currently, for any business, mobile devices are seen as tools that add value to the various operational stages.

In this sense, as part of strategies to boost business, improve the productivity of financial benefits, more and more companies are committed to equipping their employees with mobile equipment, mainly Xiaomi mobile phones, due to the fair quality/price ratio offered by the brand.

Optimized communication

Business communication is one of the fundamental bases to reach the highest operational level, eliminating the factors of time and distance as excuses to stop the different processes of the organization, since employees, customers and suppliers are constantly in communication.

The work of the different groups achieves better orchestration through tele-collaboration, which is impossible to achieve without the use of technology and mobile devices in the company.

From anywhere, teams will be able to connect, giving each member the access they need to documents, media and information to carry out the most appropriate collaborative work. Added to this is the possibility of organizing online meetings, video calls and teleconferences.

remote work

Beyond the price, among the main reasons that justify the increase in the purchase of Xiaomi devices in Chile, the simple fact that mobile technology is currently redefining work stands out. Unlike in the past, employees don’t need to be glued to the desk to work.

The fact that workers can perform their tasks from anywhere benefits them and their employers, showing, according to statistics, up to 50% more efficiency and higher engagement rates .

Remote work also impacts operational cost savings and time in several ways; Having employees work from home can save the company thousands of dollars.

The need for expensive technology is ruled out – like landline operator services – while compared to any other system, cloud-based services will always be cheaper.

Real-time data

Equipping staff with mobile technology also means taking advantage of the tools made available to access live information, an elementary factor in converting data into actions, a simplified objective with the use of data software integrated into the various devices. .

For the most part, Enterprise Resource Planning (EPR) systems are distinguished by the ability for users to access real-time, location-agnostic access to fully up-to-date reports and data.

Other very useful tools are cloud-based mobile apps, which are becoming increasingly popular for two obvious reasons: storage space and accessibility.

Compared to smart devices, cloud-based applications perform better in terms of capacity, compensating for their storage limitations and maximizing processing power.

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