Hello You, Motorola's new platform designed for users, is now available in Chile

A world of possibilities in one application. With Hello You, you can make things easier and enjoy a better experience.

To simplify consumers’ lives and provide them with personalized services, Motorola is launching a new communication, services and content platform for its consumers: Hi you. The goal is to strengthen our users’ commitment to the Motorola brand, through a comprehensive platform with functions and services designed to provide a unique, intuitive and innovative experience.

“Hello You was born out of real user engagement and feedback from the beta program, which engaged consumers through surveys and interviews. One year after Hello You launched in Brazil, they reached 10 million active users, where 85% of users showed a good level of satisfaction with the platform in the survey conducted by Motorola”, Explain Luz Elena Muñoz, senior marketing manager for Motorola Colombia, Chile, Peru, Caribbean and Central America.

In the main section of Hello You, the user will be able to find access to various tools on his smartphone and control:

Motorcycle experiences: Configure the various gestures and features, such as customizing screen and notification settings.

my device:Access the general settings of the device, manage its functions and see all the information on your smartphone, such as storage data and cleaning space, if you wish.

Digital well-being: Obtain information about the time the user spends connected and manage time, improve habits and achieve better #PhoneLifeBalance.

Direct access to promotions:Enter directly to the official Motorola Chile page and access exclusive offers.

Hardware testing: Using the feature, a hardware test can be performed to verify the proper functioning of hardware components, such as screen resolution, touchscreen, connectivity, flash, buttons, microphone, and speakers, among others.

Usage tips : Access tips and tricks for using your Motorola smartphone on the Hellomoto Peru blog.

News and novelties: Select partners will provide relevant and reliable content such as news, entertainment, live content and games. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning tools, Hello You personalizes this content according to the preferences of each user and thus always remains up to date.

“The consumer is at the center of all our decisions. This is why we have decided to unify the services, communication channels and selected content for our users in a way that has never been seen before”, commented Luz Elena Muñoz. With Hello You, you’ll have everything you need to get the most out of your cell phone and enjoy what Motorola has created with the user in mind. For more information, see this page.


Hello You is now available on select Motorola smartphones from the Motorola Edge family, including the recently released Motorola Edge 30 Pro; the moto g family, including the latest moto g22, and the moto e family. Motorola will gradually expand the availability of the platform to other smartphones in its portfolio.


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