"I realize how big it is": Emmanuel Ojeda's first words as the new reinforcement of the University of Chile

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Emmanuel Ojeda arrived at the University of Chile and this Wednesday was made official as his signing. The midfielder was amazed by the CDA and made it clear that he was coming to contribute “on my side”.

Emmanuel Ojeda already wears the colors of the University of Chile
© Communications U of ChileEmmanuel Ojeda already wears the colors of the University of Chile

University of Chile he can finally celebrate after the difficult first round he had in the national championship. This Wednesday the Romantic Traveler has formalized the arrival of Emmanuel Ojeda as the first reinforcement for the second part it’s seasonal.

After the arrival of Diego López on the bench, in the student cast, they put their batteries to try to erase all the bad things they have done in recent years. The relegation fight didn’t seem to hit hard enough and it was only after the poor results with Santiago Escobar that it was decided to shake things up.

With the departure of Luis Roggiero, the University of Chile took enough time to reorganize. This is how a few days ago the arrival of his new coach was announced, who has been leading training for the second round since Monday.

And this Wednesday, Diego López can celebrate his first incorporation. After weeks of rumors and negotiations, Emmanuel Ojeda finally affixes the signature and seals his bond with the Romantic Traveler.

Emmanuel Ojeda’s first words in the U

Emmanuel Ojeda landed in the country and only details were missing to make his arrival at the University of Chile official. This Wednesday came to fruition, being confirmed as the first signing of the Diego López era.

In conversation with the club’s official website, the Argentine midfielder spoke his first words and claimed to have accepted when he saw the desire the Blues had for his services. “I come with high expectations. The interest I felt for me motivated me to come here“.

Emmanuel Ojeda did not stop there and praised the CDA, ensuring that it is at the same level as the major sports centers in the world. “It’s a beautiful club and it has first-class facilities. That’s when I realize how big the club is“.

The flyer also detailed what they come to do at Traveler Romantic. “I come to contribute on my side. I like to play and have possession of the ball. I have a good screen, I run a lot. I can be an option to cover several spaces”, explained.

The University of Chile manages to close the incorporation of Emmanuel Ojeda for the second return and begins to arm itself. Diego López shapes his project with the blues, to try to forget the bad campaigns so far.

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