'I'm going to do my best': University of Chile player committed to team's future

University of Chile He doesn’t have too much room for error. The bad campaigns he has dragged on for several years have exhausted people’s patience, so the next process must be positive, yes or yes. That pressure was still under his new manager Diego López and even so, he was very excited to be the man to bring joy back to the club.

To make this possible, the Uruguayan has requested some guarantee reinforcements that allow Azul to make a qualitative leap in some areas of the court, where he showed certain weaknesses in the first half. One of those places was the midfield, so the arrival of a footballer who would bring freshness to the hotspot was needed. The moving point was Emanuel Ojeda, who after overcoming some obstacles was able to leave Rosario Central and present himself as a new addition to University of Chilewhere no challenge intimidates him.

Ojeda has already joined practices with his new teammates

“I come from a team that demands a lot. People put the pressure on, games are played with 50,000 fans per game. I have already experienced this pressure, assured the man born in Goya, Corrientes. Likewise, he confirmed that he is ready to perform any function that is asked of him, he considers himself a waiter who will push the cause from anywhere: “I come to carry out the orders of the technician and I quickly adapts to what he asks of me, to add from home”.

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