Jamie Orr takes us on a tour of Volkswagen's mythical secret hangar (Second Part)

A few weeks ago I brought you the first part with 14 models that are registered in the exclusive Volkswagen garage. In this episode we will see 17 more models (from minute 9:40 of the video) and we will review some curious facts about them.

Volkswagen R32 MKV and MKVI by HPA

Some of us will remember the “little affair” that Volkswagen had with the experts of HPA Racing, suppliers of Formula 1, as a curious fact. The goal was to develop a specific power kit for each model that would take them to the numbers and Breathtaking performance for a sedan: 575 hp, 0-100 km/h in 3.5 seconds and 11.9 seconds within the quarter mile. Few were armed in the world.

Volkswagen Golf R32 MKVI, Scirocco R and Beetle RSI

From the years 2000 to 2005, Volkswagen had a very proactive spark that was greatly appreciated by enthusiasts. The fourth generation of the Golf sees the arrival of the R32 version, in the antechamber of the MK V was the Scirocco R, while the charismatic Beetle boasted a desirable ROI.

Volkswagen Phaeton, Brasilia and Type 1

Jamie finds a small group of models which, as he comments, belonged to different CEOs of the brand. The Phaeton stands out, a large sedan exclusive to the European market. A charismatic Brasilia and one of the brand’s most beloved classics, the Type 1, a model that shared a lot with our beloved Beetle.

Caribbean Convertible

Launched in 1973, this charismatic model has benefited from all the developments made to the Golf. In six generations it went from a Caribe to a Golf Cabriolet, the same with which it ceased to be produced, being officially registered as the convertible version of the Golf.

volkswagen corrado

Who does not remember this fabulous model? A small sedan, the only one in 2+2 configuration developed by Volkswagen and manufactured by the former Karmann. In addition to its sporty silhouette, the Corrado became famous because among its mechanical options, the huge 187 hp VR6 engine stood out. In 1995, Volkswagen announced the end of its production.

volkswagen arteon

A sedan with elegant and imposing lines. Of these models that one does not understand why they manufacture them and do not shine. The Arteon has been able to put itself in the league of the Audi A4 or the BMW 3 Series, for example but, nothing happened. It featured 2.0 L TSI and VR6 engines. Even the VW R division got to work with the impressive Shooting Brake version; we don’t understand what happened… it’s beautiful.

Volkswagen Beetle R

It is well known that many versions have been made of our beloved Beetle. One of them was the 1393 S GSR, initials which abbreviate the nickname: “runner, yellow and black” (Gelb, Schwarz, Racer). Volkswagen has therefore decided to honor this version by creating the Beetle GSR. Only 3,500 units of this model were produced worldwide at the Puebla plant.

volkswagen passat

In the same hallway, Jamie also meets the whole Passat family. One of the brand’s best-selling sedans both in Europe and in the North American market. Currently, the US-produced Passat has given way to electrification.

polo volkswagen

Jamie nearly faints when he finds two unique versions in the Polo aisle: a Polo G40, a “scaled down” version of the G60 mechanics used in the Golf. and a very rare Polo CL Di G40, historical and mechanical part of the brand because the supercharged two-cylinder engine with diesel injection it was never seen again on any other model. The impressive rally car-based WRC was also on display.

Volkswagen Type 1

We could make a complete book of this model that could not miss in the brand’s garage. It was the pre-war, war and post-war car. Many military models were built on its chassis. Hitler himself commissioned his design from Ferdinand Porsche. It is said that if that unexploded bomb found in the old factory in Wolfsburg had, the story of the Beetle would be very different. If the car Jamie shows in the video could talk, imagine…

Volkswagen Beetle Mille Miglia

The legendary Italian race brings together various classic models from around the world to compete. The original route to honor his name: 1,000 miles (1,600 km). Currently 1,800 km are traveled between Brescia and Rome, round trip.

The Volkswagen Beetle also stood out in this competition, distinguishing itself above all by the use of components from the Porsche 356: wheels, brakes, engine, seats, etc. which, by regulations of the same breed, they could use.

Volkswagen Golf GTI

Imagine having the complete collection, or at least up to the MKV, and also in red and silver, the ironic colors of the GTI; let us remember that, up to the sixth generation, The Golf GTI only used the colors red, black, silver and white. From the seventh generation, new colors were introduced such as Dark Grey, Cornflower Blue or Kurkuma Yellow for the R.

Volkswagen Golf GDR

A kind of “people’s car” but in Golf. Wolfsburg produced 10,000 units exclusive for the German Democratic Republic, that is, for those on the other side of the wall. It was not very luxurious or ostentatious, its 1.1 liter engine had barely 50 HP, however it was not so accessible. for a worker or a peasant; it was more geared towards state workers. For the time in which he lived, he innovated in security, air conditioning and electrical accessories.

Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport MK VIII

The model with which the brand celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Golf has evolved for the eighth generation. The GTI Clubsport is the most powerful and technologically developed of the GTI family. It develops 300 hp and 542 Nm of torque, accompanied by an interesting electronic and mechanical arsenal. which “allows” to play with its dynamic capacities. The interior design is exquisite and, not to mention, in 2016 it set a new record at the Nürburgring in the category of front-wheel drive cars: 07:49:21 minutes.

Volkswagen GTI MK I from Piergburg

Another of the collaborations with a supplier brand resulted in this MK I competing in several Rally categories in Europe. It is armed according to the specifications of the category. Recaro seats, roll bar, BBS rims, high pressure fuel pump, high flow injectorswebers, etc.

Volkswagen GTI TCR MK VII

A seventh-generation special edition that takes the TCR class name to a street model. It also uses the 2.0 L TSI generating 290 hp, coupled only to a 7-speed DSG gearbox. The aesthetic pack is impressive: 18 or 19″ rims with semi-slick tires, special side graphics, skirts, diffuser and TCR spoiler. The interior sports seats in alcantara, digital display and steering wheel with peephole in red.

Volkswagen Beetle RSI Convertible

The latest “weird” that Jamie presents is a Beetle RSI Convertible. One of only two used by the brand for marketing issues, fairs, exhibitions, etc. Nothing in them coincides, not even the painting of the panels with that of the lack. The technicians surely had fun using everything available in the warehouse: wheels, accessories, spoilers, upholstery, etc.

And so Jamie concludes the tour. Honestly, I’m jealous, but thank you for sharing the experience through so much of Volkswagen’s history and its most emblematic models. Visiting museums, legendary tracks, assembly plants and that type of garage is something every car enthusiast should definitely do before they go.

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