Pedro Carcuro, gentleman of football: "Madam FIFA has pronounced an award and Ecuador is happy"

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Pedro Carcuro, one of the most recognized Chilean sports journalists in history, recalls the classic phrase he uttered at the end of the last century and puts it into perspective to address the defeat of the Chilean federation before the commission of FIFA discipline, after a decision that ratifies Ecuador’s presence at the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Pedro Carcuro wishes the Ecuadorians success in the fourth World Cup in their history in national teams
© Getty ImagesPedro Carcuro wishes the Ecuadorians success in the fourth World Cup in their history in national teams

It is not in vain that Pedro Carcuro has become one of the most internationally recognized Chilean sports journalists. The communicator has been present in all the major sports fairs and has always left its mark. A legacy that is traded in books abroad.

This is why he does not hesitate to recall the famous allusion to “Ms FIFA” he made in 1998, when the African referee Lucien Bouchardeau accused the controversial penalty which had prevented Chile from beating Italy in World Cup in France. “Madame FIFA! The FIFA mafia! What are we going to do to her … the usual acquaintances”, he said this afternoon at Parc Lescure in Bordeaux.

This morning was remembered by many, after FIFA rejected Chile’s complaint against Ecuador for the alleged ineligibility of their player Byron Castillo. But Pietro takes a step back and breathes before answering RedGol’s red phone. “Madame FIFA has rendered an award and Ecuador is happy,” he replies in his characteristic voice.

“It strikes me that this phrase that we invented in the broadcasts of the 1998 World Cup lives on in the sporting vocabulary. I imagine that Ecuador is happy to go to a World Cup in a legitimate way”, testifies the historic face of Chilean national television.

Carcuro: ‘Let Ecuador do well in the World Cup’

Pedro Carcuro didn’t have the best feeling. “It’s not to brag, or to be captain after the battle. But I was talking to a colleague from DIRECTV Ecuador and I said to him: ‘I think you’re going to the World Cup and it’s going well for you’. .’ I always thought that the chances were very slim, that there was no solid basis to eliminate Ecuador by administrative means”, he assumes.

And since the man has blood in his veins, he immediately identifies those responsible. “I don’t know where the ANFP’s euphoria comes from in applying for this file. I don’t know if it will be a way of diverting attention, of hiding the number of serious problems that the ANFP has in our country, a real disaster,” he explains.

For the future, the communicator analyzes the possible resources of Chile. “The procedure has two instances: a court of appeal at FIFA, and the other is the Court of Arbitration for Sport, the CAS. But it is losing money. The only lucky one is the lawyer Carlezzo. I think that now we have to work to try to qualify on the pitch for the next World Cup”.

Recall that the Chilean team will complete its Asian tour next Tuesday, when it will face the representative of Ghana in the definition of third place in the Kirin Cup, which takes place in Japan. You will be able to follow the match live and live via streaming via, from any device with Wi-Fi or fixed Internet, in the national territory.

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