Ramsay Hunt syndrome, the disease Justin Bieber called for

Singer Justin Bieber announced to his fans on Friday that he suffered from Ramsay Hunt syndrome, what is this disease?

During this day, the Canadian artist informed his followers that he suffers from a disease called Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which is why one side of his face is paralyzed. In view of this, the Canadian requested that They will pray for him.

“Obviously you may have noticed that my face is frozen. I have this syndrome called Ramsay Hunt and it’s a virus that attacks the nerves in my ear causing my face to look like this,” he began to explain in the video.

“As you can see my eye is not blinking and my mouth is not smiling completely. This whole part of my face is totally paralyzed so I will have to cancel my concerts. Obviously, I’m not in a position to do the show in this state.”he added.

Within hours, the post reached nine million views, with thousands of messages of support. The excitement was such that they even answered him from the official account of the Instagram social network itself.

“We’ll be here when you’re ready, king”they wrote to him from the profile of the platform.

What is Justin Bieber’s disease?

According to the Mayo Clinic, this syndrome is caused by the varicella-zoster virus, which causes diseases like chickenpox.

Specialists explain that after the person suffers from this disease, the pathogen continues to exist in the nervesand can be reactivated over time.

Doing so, they say, can affect the person’s facial nerves, which is why many suffer from paralysis in certain parts of the face.

For its part, according to the website of the United States National Library of Medicine (Medline Plus), symptoms can include:

– Severe pain in the ear
-Painful rash on the eardrum, external auditory canal, earlobe, tongue or palate on the side of the affected nerve.
– Hearing loss on one side
-Feeling that things are spinning (vertigo)
Weakness on one side of the face resulting in difficulty closing one eye, eating, making faces and making fine facial movements, as well as drooping of the face and paralysis on one side of the face


As for treatment, doctors usually prescribe strong anti-inflammatories called steroids to patients.

In turn, antivirals such as aciclovir That is valacycloviradds the aforementioned portal.

However, in cases where the pain persists even with the use of steroids, it may be necessary to powerful painkillers. Specialists may also prescribe other medications if the person suffers from dizziness.

Meanwhile, as long as the patient has facial weakness, he should use a Eye patch to avoid corneal injury if the eye does not close completely.

Along the same lines, a special lubricant might be prescribed to apply to the eyes at night, as well as artificial tears during the day, to prevent the eyes from drying out.

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