Same as hidden truths?  The theory that emerged about Mariano after Baltazar's La Ley advancement

A curious theory arose on Twitter, after the preview of the third chapter of the new Mega TV series, Balthazar’s Law.

It all happened following a scene where Mariano Rodríguez (Gabriel Cañas) explained to his friend, Hernán Amunategui (Gabriel Urzúa), the reason that had estranged him from his father.

According to preview footage, Baltazar’s eldest son (Francisco Reyes) was at a restaurant with the doctor, after his father kicked him off the land for trying to sell the properties.

Mariano Baltazar's Law

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I always thought my father was ashamed of mebecause deep down I didn’t fall in love with the pitch, like he fell in love with ‘this pitch’”, explained Mariano.

Likewise, he revealed to Hernán the harsh attitude his father had always had towards him. “All I said, there (he threw me) the pachotada, but anyway…”he added with resignation.

Law of Hernan Baltazar

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After this advance aired, tweeters speculated that the real reason keeping Baltazar of Marianois that this one is gay. Several viewers even floated the theory that he would have a secret relationship with the doctor.

The above would explain the selfless relationship that the businessman has with his wife Sofía (Ignacia Baeza).

If the theory is true, followers of the production have pointed out that this This would be the second time Mega bet on a gay villainas is the case with Mateo (Cristián Carvajal) in Hidden Truths.

Check out some of the comments left by the preview of the third chapter of Balthazar’s Law:

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